Pickle Tips

Here I provide a few simple pickle tips to make your pickles tastier and preserve better.

1. If your pickle turns dry, add a little spoon vinegar to it. Your pickle turns soft. You can also heat a little oil and pour on the top, once it gets cooled.

2. If your pickle is thick, heat a little oil and add to it.

3. While preparing pickles using vinegar, if you add a pinch of sugar its taste multiplies.

4. Never put moist spoon or hands into pickle container. It reduces the life of pickle.

5. Put a cloth dipped in sesame oil on the top of pickle. It resists fungal attack. 

6. To preserve pickles for a long time, apply a thin layer of mustard oil in the inner surface of the container before filling pickles.

7. Smoke a piece of asafoetida, and place the dry pickle bottle upside down above that smoke. Fill it with smoke and then use it for filling pickle. Pickle won’t get fungal attack easily. 

Image source: Pixabay

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