Pazham Pradhaman for Kozhikode Sadya

Pazham Pradhaman is an integral part of Kerala sadya, quite common in mid and Malabar regions. It’s made using Kerala banana, and is indeed one of the favourite payasams of many. I have earlier posted one recipe of Pazham Pradhaman posted in Vanitha in Vishu edition 2017. And here is that recipe.

Ingredients for Pazham Pradhaman for Kozhikode Sadya:

1. Well ripen Kerala banana (Naadan Ethapazham) – 3, cut into pieces

2. Jaggery – 10 pieces (Achu)

3. Coconut milk second extract – 1.5 cups

4. Coconut milk first extract – 1 cup

5. Ghee – 2 small spoons

6. Dry coconut sliced thin – 2 big spoons

    Cashews – 50 gm

How to prepare Pazham Pradhaman for Kozhikode Sadya?

1. Transfer banana to urli and full with water.

2. Cook it well and water content should be fully absorbed.

3. Melt and filter jaggery separately.

4. Add melted jaggery to the banana.

5. Sauté well till water content is fully absorbed.

6. Add second extract coconut milk to it and allow it to boil.

7. When it boils well, put the flame off and add first extract coconut milk.

8. Fry coconut pieces in ghee till golden brown and also roast cashews.

9. Add this mixture to Pazham Pradhaman.

10. Serve once your Pradhaman cools off.

Vanitha Magazine September 1-14, 2016

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