Nadodi Nritham – A tribal representation dance form

Nadodi Nritham – folk dance form of Kerala, is a representation of social, cultural and traditional life of Kerala. The songs usually sung by a solo male singer have a story to tell, related to social life. Costumes of Nadodi Nritham too play a significant role to make this folk dance attractive and impressive. Always dressed in traditional form, either of tribals or traditional Kerala style, very few also incorporate Tamil people’s way of dressing, social life and dance moves for this vibrant art form. Though mostly consists of fast steps and presented in an energetic way, Nadodinritham also incorporates slow moves to express the mental agonies of the character.

They primarily represent the social life of Nadodis (nomads) or tribal people. Facial expressions are also given much importance for Nadodi Nritham. Vibrant moves, colourful costumes without any uniform colour code or way of dressing and highly expressed emotions make Nadodinritham entirely different from other dance forms. Read more about Nadodinritham and other traditional dance forms of Kerala here.

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