Mutharamman Kovil Neyyattinkara During Navarathri Celebrations

There are several temples in the Tamil Nadu border districts of Kerala which worship deities associated with Tamil Nadu’s popular culture. Mutharamman is a popular goddess of Tamil Nadu, and a few temples are established in Kerala as well. They follow the same methods of worship, annual celebration and celebrate Navaratri celebrations the similar way. Here is a gallery of Navaratri celebrations of Mutharamman temple celebrated in 2016. The temple, also called Amman Kovil is situated next to KSRTC bus stand Neyyattinkara, and has been renovated in the past times. Presiding deity is Mutharamman, and the idols of Ganapaty, Naga Deva, Ayyappa, Hanuman, Siva, Parvaty and Subramaniya are also installed here. Annual Koda Maholsavan (Amman Koda Neyyattinkara) is celebrated in a grand manner.

Also watch the gallery of Sree Krishna temple, Neyyattinkara, a major spot for pilgrimage of south Kerala.


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