Attukal Ponkala and Annual Temple Celebrations

Attukal Bhagavathi Temple is famous for its Ponkala Maholsavam held every year in the hot summer Medam month of Malayalam calendar on Pooram star. Millions of women across the district and neighbouring states offer rice payasam also known as Ponkala payasam as an offering to the deity Attukal Amma. The festival currently holds the Guinness Books of World Records for the largest religious gathering of women on a single day at a place. Devotees throng into Thiruvananthapuram city and surrounding areas conquering each and every street to offer ponkala payasam and other sweet items in earthen pots. Read the full article here……

Offerings to goddess in wooden hearths

Closing earthen pots with leaves once Pongala is done

Waiting for priests, after Pongala is done

Local associations delivering food and water to devotees

A child well-dressed at the Kuthiyottam ceremony, on the evening of Ponkala celebrations

Apart from jaggery payasam, white payasam, thiraliyappam, ilayappam, mandaputt and many items are prepared. Bay leaf (Vayana Ila/Vashana Ila) is added to most of the preparations. Millions of hearths are lighted in the city exactly at the same time under the hot summer sun, and atmosphere gets filled with bhakthi and prayers only….. A few more images for you.

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