Lower your cholesterol level through food control

It’s a known fact that through proper diet and regular exercise we can keep cholesterol at bay. Are you thinking the same way? If so go through these tips. It will surely help you.

1. Curry leaves, coriander leaves, half-ripened guava, and garlic – include these items in your daily diet. They surely help you to reduce cholesterol.

2. Sea fishes like mackerel and sardine are abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids. Include these fish items and soya beans in your healthy diet.

3. While using grains never peel of its skin. Whole grain, oats with fibers soluble in water and barley can be included in your diet.

4. Cabbage, carrot, beans, peas and boiled potato without removing skin have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol.

5. Fiber content of fruits apple, grape, papaya, jack fruit and mango helps to reduce cholesterol level.

6. Cashew nut and almonds in medium amount are also good for health.

7. If you have cholesterol, put control on non-vegetarian items. They should completely avoid fried items. A medium sized fish piece or 4 small pieces of meat will be enough for such people.

8. Maximum 6 gm salt can be added in daily diet. Saindava (mined from areas of Indus valley civilization) is another form of potassium chloride, also known as indupp is the best alternative of table salt.

9. While choosing cooking oil, choose one with less cholesterol content. Never use more than 3-4 teaspoons of oil daily.

10. Put control on the intake of cake, pastry, noodles, chocolates, ice creams and other sweets. Put control on deep fried snacks too. Instead steam cook or bake them to avoid oil consumption.

11. Use tea and coffee in medium level only. Though both are stress relievers, excess usage can harm you. Make light tea or coffee rather than making them too strong.

12. Colas are also very harm to health. Avoid them as much as possible.

In addition to it, do a little exercise to burn some extra calories. You will surely find your cholesterol levels decreasing. Though I have added a few points for you, just re-check it with your doctor’s advice because conditions may vary according to person’s health and age. Just keep it as a reference while intaking these items. 

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