Gestation period is a beautiful dream, if you believe so

Gestation period is one of the most important stages of a woman’s life. It gives some beautiful dreams of future, yet her health condition and frequent vomiting may annoy her too. Many ladies try to forget those days which she spent in dizziness and hate of food. It’s possible to fill the gestation period with so much happiness, if you truly believe so. You can pre-plan it. Here I suggest 10 ideas for the next 8 months to make it a beautiful phase of your life.

1. You can take photographs at the beginning of each month wearing the same dress. Slightly tilt a bit and face the camera with a smile while taking the photos. You can add the collection of these 9 photos to your personal album, and is indeed a unique experience. You can start with day, which you got that happy news, thus adding photos to your collection for next 9 months.

2. Keep in storehouse your tight and synthetic dress and high heel sandals for next few months. You can do a shopping for maternity wear and flat footwear. Loose cotton dress is ideal for pregnant ladies.

3. You can go for baby moon to the places you love. It provides a lot of happiness. Such journeys bring back reminiscences of your honeymoon days, and it gives some time with your husband and unborn child, away from all. 18-24 weeks of gestation period is best for baby moon trip, but you should seek permission from your doctor before you set off.

4. The moment which you first noticed the movement of your baby is a unique experience to every woman, and its happiness can’t be explained in words. A mother should enjoy each and every movement of her baby and should feel his/her feet touching your stomach. You can also place the hands of your husband or elder children and share your wonderful experience with them.

5. You can make a note of each and every excitement moment of your pregnancy period. Thoughts –pleasant and unpleasant, food, restlessness, tiredness etc can be noted. Feel relaxed while noting all these things.

6. As an end result of hormonal balance, black spots may form on your body. You can spare one day of every week for your beauty. But you should avoid all chemical treatments. You can apply sandalwood paste or orange juice on your face.

7. While going to clinic for consultation, you can make friendship with ladies during those long waiting hours. A pregnant lady better knows the mind and soul of another lady going through the same phase. You can now start a whatsapp group too, to share your happiness and agonies with similar ladies. You can also arrange small get-togethers at park or coffee shops.

8. Happiness of mother is deeply linked with the emotions of the foetus. For the same reason, if you are a social being free of all tensions, it helps your baby to achieve the same.

9. From the 6th month, the baby in mother’s womb starts to respond to sounds. At the 7th month, he recognizes his mother’s voice. So you can talk to your baby daily. To know him better, observe his response and movements carefully. Only mother gets such a fortune. Enjoy each moment.

10. When wives become pregnant, their husbands also go through a similar phase, which is termed as Sympathetic pregnancy or Couvade syndrome. He may go restless and feels tension watching the difficulties faced by his wife during gestation period. Give quality time to your wife, and make her feel happy. It can calm the mind of both. You can go for an evening walk together, cook and dine together and also mutually give pleasant surprises.

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