Simple tips to make your hands beautiful

Only just makeup is the essential factor to make you beautiful, your hands should be beautiful, soft and hygienic. When you choose most important criteria of the word ‘beauty’, hands have a special space. So, through this column let me give you a few tips to make your hands beautiful.

1. Apply sun screen lotion to your hands before you go out. It protects your hands and skin from sun exposure. Also, dark spots formed on hands due to exposure to sun can be avoided to some extent.

2. If you see colour change in your nails or if your nails break without any reason, give rest to your nail polish for a week or two. Avoid using nail polish remover too. Read a few nail polish tips here.

3. Soon after bath and before you go to sleep, apply hand cream to your hands. Your hands should be slightly wet while applying the cream.

Now let me give a few beauty packs that nourish beauty of your hands

1. Applying the mixture of rose water and glycerin or rubbing potato pieces or lemon juices adds extra glow to your hands.

2. Take juice from one orange. Mix it with one spoon honey and wash it off after 15 minutes using warm water and apply hand cream.

3. Take almond oil and honey, one spoon each and apply on your nails and cuticle.

4. Lack of nutrition can affect the beauty of your skin and nails. Whole grains, curd, spinach and egg contain enough supplements to nourish your skin and nails.

5. While busy at kitchen, more chances are there to get dirt and stains. Lemon skin can protect your hands from dirt and stains. Rub it on your hands and fingers.

6. Add one table spoon rose water to 4 tsp almond oil. Apply it on your hands before you go to sleep. Wear loose cotton gloves too. Wash it off next morning.

7. Make a mixture of half tomato, half piece lemon and a little milk. Apply it on your hands and wash it off after 15 minutes.

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