Ivy Gourd Leaf – Cauliflower Steamcake (Koval Ila – Cauliflower Puttu)

Steam cake, or Kerala’s traditional Puttu is widely regarded as a healthy breakfast dish. Mostly prepared using rice flour, other flours or mix of two or more flours are other derivatives. As it’s steam cooked, its nutrition content won’t get lost easily. Here is a healthy variety of steam cake, which also add veggies and leaves.  

Ingredients for Ivy Gourd Leaf – Cauliflower Steamcake (Koval Ila – Cauliflower Puttu):

1. Rice flour for steam cake – 100 gm

    Cauliflower chopped fine – 50 gm

    Ivy gourd chopped fine – 25 gm

    Ivy gourd leaves chopped fine – 2 big spoons

2. Salt and water – As needed

How to prepare Ivy Gourd Leaf – Cauliflower Steamcake (Koval Ila – Cauliflower Puttu)?

1. Mix ingredients no: 1 together first.

2. Add sufficient water and salt, and prepare flour for steam cake.

3. Rest it for a while and steam cook it.

4. Serve it with gooseberry curry.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine, Jul 8 – 21, 2023

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