How to choose Backpacks? How to use them?

A few decades back, kids were familiar with school bags only. Now backpack is the latest trend, the best friend of a teenager. For college, outing or a trip, backpack is the best choice. These useful tips can help you a lot for choosing them and usage.

Backpack – Star of college campuses

1. Teenagers prefer backpacks with embroidery and small pictures, flowers etc. Cotton material is mostly chosen for such types. Jute backpacks are also trendy.

2. Printed designs may not go well with all costumes. If you choose solid plain colours, it suits with all outfits.

3. Hang a few decorations in the sips of backpacks to give them a stylish look. You can also stich buttons. Purchase a few designs in different colours that can be attached to your backpacks for different occasions.

Things to note while using backpacks

1. Never put backpacks on a single shoulder. Even if it’s not heavy, hang its straps on either shoulder. If you frequently use backpack on a single side, it can result in health issues like neck pain, shoulder pain etc. It can also affect alignment of shoulder bone. Messenger bags with single straps are best for use.

2. Backpacks are effective for those who travel in two-wheelers. It’s good for shopping purposes too, and used for filling goods.

3. While driving or travelling in two-wheelers, strap should touch the seat when you hang on shoulders. Also use waist strap across belly. Otherwise a sudden jerk can affect the balance of driving person.

Things to note while buying backpacks

1. Never go with the beauty of backpack. Instead choose one as per your requirement. Your need, size and designs are the important criteria to choose a particular one.

2. When you buy backpacks for long-distance travel purposes, give extra care for choosing a desired one. Choose one with length from neck to above the waist. Otherwise back pain and neck pain could be the after effects.

3. If you want to afford heavy objects in your backpack, their straps should be big, enough to support them. Cute little backpacks can have small straps. They are light weighted ones, which can be used for evening walks.

4. When you choose a backpack for college, you should have an idea about the things to be filled inside it. How many books to be put inside? Should be it spacious to afford laptop? Should lunchbox be placed inside it? You should have a clear answer on these questions before you go to shop. If you fall for beauty, your requirements may not be fulfilled.

5. Be aware of the fabric of the chosen backpack. Backpacks are available in different materials such as leather, cotton, poly ester, nylon, jute etc. Leather material gives a classy look, but they are heavy. If you fill it extra, cotton bag will lose its shape. They easily fade with the exposure to sun, and presence of moisture may lead to fungal attack and bad smell.

6. Just like you purchase sandal or dress, put the chosen backpack on your shoulder and know if it is comfortable for you. You can also walk a few steps. After all, style and comfort always go hand in hand.

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