Health Benefits & Natural Remedies with Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are well-known for their medicinal and health benefits. There are used for a wide range of dishes as well. Fenugreek is abundant in potassium, proteins, fiber, iron, vitamin B, proteins, zinc etc. Diosgenin, equivalent to female hormone estrogen is also present in fenugreek.  

Here I list a few health benefits of fenugreek seeds

Good for hearty heart – Potassium, certain amino acids and Galactomannan present in fenugreek seeds can improve heart’s health, and reduce blood sugar levels. For the same reason, it’s good for diabetic patients. But since it contains potassium, kidney patients should seek the advice of doctors regarding this matter.

Good for feeding mothers – It improves the amount of breast milk and improves digestion also. It is also given as a remedy for constipation. It’s a detoxifying agent too. You can add a few seeds of fenugreek while boiling rice and serve as porridge (kanji). To reduce body pain and stomach pain after delivery, and to improve breast milk, mothers can serve cooked fenugreek along with jaggery, ghee and coconut milk.

Reduces bad cholesterol level – It reduces cholesterol levels. Hence the regular use of cholesterol can reduce the chances of heart attack.

Increases sex drive – It increases sex drive in females, and improves the functioning of testosterone in males.

Good for anemia patients – Iron content present in fenugreeks is good for those with iron deficiency. It also reduces a few complications during menstrual periods.

Controls body weight – As fenugreek seeds have fiber content, it controls obesity and reduces appetite also. It increases good cholesterol levels, and removes fat deposits of belly too.

Here I list a few easy and natural remedies where you can make use of fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek seeds for bad breathe – Dry fry a few fenugreek seeds and chew them to get rid of bad breath.

Fenugreek seeds for stomach upset – For gas troubles and similar stomach ailments, fenugreek seeds provide a natural remedy. Take a handful of raw fenugreek seeds and swallow taking a glass of water. Never chew the seeds.

Fenugreek seeds for gas problems and heart burns – Fenugreek seeds improve digestion and can also be used as ailment to gas related problems and heart burns.

Improves urine content – Intake of fenugreek can increase urine content.

Good for cough and throat pain – A quick remedy for cough and throat pain, it can also strengthen body. It can be fried and powdered and taken with sugar to get good results for Dhatupushti.

For bad body adour – Make a fine paste of fenugreek and apply on your body. Bath after sometime. Fenugreek can also improve your skin tone and softness.

To reduce obesity – Soak a little fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drink that water in the early morning. If you drink water boiled using fenugreek seeds regularly, it reduces appetite, and thus reduces body weight on regular use.

Solution to many hair problems – Fenugreek seeds are used as a treatment of hair loss, dry hair and baldness and it improves hair growth as well. Soak a little fenugreek seeds overnight and wash your hair next day with this water. Leave it for a while before your bath. It stimulates hair growth.

When not to use fenugreek seeds

1. Though fenugreek seeds have health benefits, they create some problems as well. Take note of these few points.

2. Since fenugreek contains potassium, kidney patients should seek the advice of doctors before consuming them on regular basis.

3. In certain cases, intake of fenugreek seeds can cause problems to digestive system. If you take medicines regularly, you need to seek advice from doctor, how to take fenugreek in your diet.

4. Pregnant ladies should never take fenugreek in large quantities. It may give adverse effects during early stages of pregnancy as well as last stage. It can also lead to premature delivery. So, pregnant ladies should reduce the quantity of fenugreek seeds in their diet. They should never take more than 2 big spoons of fenugreek for a single dose. But a few studies also suggest that intake of fenugreek during the last stage of pregnancy can help in normal delivery.

Before I conclude

Before I conclude, let me give you an easy recipe of fenugreek thoran. Heat a little oil and splutter mustard seeds. Then add sprouted fenugreek seeds, a little chopped onions, crushed green chillies, turmeric powder, scrapped coconut and salt to taste. Add a little water, mix the contents well and cook in low flame with lid closed. Your healthy fenugreek thoran is ready.

Image source: Pixabay and Wikipedia

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