Fibroids – Must things to know about it

Fibroids, PCOD, Polycystic ovary syndrome, late delivery, infertility problems, uterus removal, need to consult a doctor – These terms and phrases are quite common in social life of today. Days have gone, where women were only housewives. Now most of them are out of home and working for the family. But some diseases and unhealthy status of people are also seen increasing in the recent times. Now such disease conditions are not uncommon in the society we are living, and a large amount of hard earned money are spent on hospitals as well.

Infertility problems have increased manifold in the recent times, and society has already accepted it as a part of normal life. Why it happened so in the recent times? Are women careless of their personal health? Why not suitable precautions are taken in this matter?  Is it the after effect of social life we live today, where less care is given to physical exercises and more pressure is given to mind due to the profession she handles?

Fibroid was present earlier too, but…

Fibroid found in the inner and outer walls of uterus is not a new thing. But it was commonly seen after she reaches 40. Blood vessels of fibroids are very soft. Soon after delivery when uterus contracts, fibroids also disappear in normal cases. Endometriosis (a painful situation where endometrium grows outside your uterus instead of its normal appearance beneath uterus as a layer), fibroids etc are deeply linked to female hormones.

Till now, conclusions have not arrived yet, why conditions such as fibroids and endometriosis occur. When menstrual blood is blocked and if it flows inwards, it may lead to endometriosis. This process is scientifically called retrograde menstruation.

During early days, girls attain puberty at the age of 14 or 15. They marry earlier and give birth to kids soon. Breast feeding time and number of kids were also higher comparing present condition. Obviously, total number of menstrual circles in a woman’s life was comparatively less in those days. This could be reason why endometriosis was not common then.

Today a girl attains puberty at the age of 9 or 10. But marriage is very much delayed, may be after 25 or 30. Same is the case of pregnancy too. For professional reasons and convenience too, the couple may postpone pregnancy and kids for a few years. Life style has changed a lot. Now number of menstrual cycles has increased and professional life has added stress to their personal lives.

Fibroids are not harmful in majority cases

Only in rare conditions, fibroids may give birth to cancer. But it’s a worrying matter that fibroids are seen at younger ages nowadays. Now uterus removal, fibroid removal – such things are very common in woman when she reaches 40. Earlier if such operations were conducted in the early 50s or later, now it has reduced by 10 or 15 years in a woman’s life, and number of such cases are seen increasing in geometric progression.

Continuous bleeding, big sized fibroids, ovarian cysts – in such conditions a doctor may suggest the removal of fibroid or uterus. Now in ladies with age 40+, 25% have fibroid issues. But only half of them need operation to remove fibroid or uterus. Scanning is the first process. If only the condition can’t be treated with medicines, the patient may opt for surgery. No need to feel nervous. Just give importance to your health.

If uterus is a little bit budged than normal size, it’s called bulky uterus. This term was used by doctors before normal scanning became a part of medical treatments. Now it’s possible to know correct measurements of fibroids. Adenomyosis (increase in thickness of uterus muscles) could be one reason, and it’s not a threat in normal cases.

Why to take long hours of rest after laparoscopy?

Not only pregnant ladies, those ladies who have undergone laparoscopy surgery also take long rests. But it gives bad results in return. When others advise the patient not to move or walk, she may take rest. But it is unscientific. She needs to take into account only doctor’s advice. Doctor suggests her, what to do and what not, and he keeps notes of such things after fully knowing her health conditions. If doctor has said, there is no issue to climb steps occasionally she should not take into account advice of others.

Polycystic ovary is not cyst

Ovulation if blocked in the middle, follicles may appear in the ovaries and this condition is called polycystic ovary. But definitely it’s not cyst. The presence of male hormones in excess, presence of follicle bubbles in ovaries, menstrual issues – if at least two among these three conditions coexist, it’s called polycystic ovary. It may be visible through scanning. But it doesn’t imply that it’s a disease stage. But in future, such persons are prone to high pressure, cholesterol and diabetics, and hence they need to rearrange their life style in a healthy way. Exercises and healthy diet with less use of sugar and fat are most essential. 

Late delivery and infertility problems

In our society, a childless condition is an issue to our neighbours and friends than couples. They are annoyed most. But the sad part is that, even well-educated citizens of the society may also follow unscientific treatment methods for conceiving. Everyone is impatient, and no one is willing to wait for a while. Infertility treatment centres are sprouting everywhere as mushrooms nowadays. Where there are more patients, ‘business’ is most concentrated there.

Some couples may delay pregnancy for a while soon after marriage. But later, they may approach doctor, if they have already decided to have kids, but not patient to wait a little bit longer. There are many parents too, who take their kids and son/daughter-in-laws to hospitals without knowing the real reasons. In many cases, there may not be a healthy sexual relationship between the couple.

Fertility of humans is only below 30%. If marriage occurred between two persons with weak fertility, the ratio reduces further. Yet a few are lucky in this matter. If the couple is below 30, infertility treatments are suggested by doctors only if they had a healthy sexual life at least for 1 year.

Which method is best suited for me?

While you approach doctor for infertility treatments, couple should have a detailed discussion with doctor. Clear all your doubts, and ask doctor which treatment suits you best. You should be aware of its negative effects also. If ovulation process doesn’t follow a uniform pattern, an ovulation injection or medicine will be provided. It’s done only if her partner doesn’t have any fertility issue. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is carried out in ladies, if her partner has some issues. Healthy sperms of partner are chosen and then deposited in the uterus for conceiving.

If the lady has problems such as endometriosis, such problems are to be rectified first before conceiving, and surgery may be needed in some cases. Problems in fallopian tubes, fibroids may also need surgery, but not always. IVF (In vitro fertilization) is a process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, in vitro. If lady has problems with conceiving, related to uterus, doctor may suggest it. Most important, age is a very important factor in infertility treatments. So if feel in need, consult doctor before it becomes late.

When to end an infertility treatment?

As our society gives so much importance to kids, couples without kids are plunged to mental pressure very soon or later. When they don’t get positive results with one fertility centre, they may consult another doctor and the chain goes on. A lot of energy is spent, time and money too. Never give space to negative thoughts in mind that they are unlucky. Positive thoughts can only help you to reach destination much more earlier and easier.

Most important, each person should be well aware of his health condition and reproductive issues too. It’s up to you to decide when to stop treatment, if not getting desired results. Never fall into a depressive state of mind that, without kids nothing is meaningful. Why can’t you adopt a kid and give him rebirth?

Open mother eyes towards teenagers

Now teenagers want privacy. They have their own rooms, and even mothers are not allowed to enter their privacy. That’s the reason why many problems of teens go unnoticed in the early stage. Mother should be the best friend of daughter and she should feel comfort while communicating with you. A mother should give lessons to daughter, starting from teens, and give her sufficient information about menses, reproduction, personal hygiene etc. If the daughter feels that, her mother is patient enough to listen to her problems, she will first inform mother whenever she notices a change from normal.

Need to adopt a new life style

A well-balanced diet and proper exercise are most essential for the health and development of reproductive organs too. Keep obesity at bay, and avoid junk food. Reduce the intake of sugar and oil contents.

PCOD and healthy diet

1. Reduce body weight at least by 5% and you can notice the positive results. Substitute oil rich food items with steam cooked ones.

2. To reduce weight, never go fasting. At night you can substitute carbohydrate rich food with fruits. But never skip breakfast or lunch. You can experiment with different kinds of smoothies with a combination of fruits and dry fruits. Your stomach fills easily.

3. Since young, keep an eye on her diet. Give her well-balanced diet. If possible cultivate vegetables at home. Elephant yam, colacassia etc are good, but cultivate at home without adding chemical fertilizers. 

4. Avoid carbonated drinks and junk food, and snacks and sweets available in shops. Prepare healthy snacks and drinks at home.

5. Keep an eye on the insulin level of your body. Complex carbohydrates and proteins are best. They release energy to blood cells only slowly, and never increase blood sugar levels easily. Nuts, oats, pulses etc can be included in diet. Avoid food items containing all-purpose flour (maida).

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