Dental Problems – 13 Common Doubts Answered!

A tooth – A lifeless part of human body and is as simple as a toy for kid. But if it gets into some sort of dental issues, then it can take you from heaven to hell. Tooth ache is one of the common problems, but can ruin your full peace of mind. If you are interested in know natural treatments for plaques and dental problems, go through this link, and a few natural remedies for tooth ache too. Through this article let me try to find solution to 13 common dental problems.

1. What things are to be noted while having tooth ache?

Avoid too hot and too cold food items. If you have pain, you can flush your mouth with warm salt water. If you feel severe pain at night, raise your head slightly using a pillow while sleeping. It can reduce the intensity of pain.

2. Why teeth often face wear and tear?

Acidity of stomach or grinding of teeth while sleeping – both can affect your teeth. Wrong brushing habits like pressing the tooth brush too hard while brushing and nail biting can also lead to such problems and it normally affects the area of plaque in direct contact with teeth. When you touch those areas of teeth and feel roughness, then it can be assured that your teeth have such complaints. It leads to sourness of your teeth resulting in their breaking.

3. Can tooth get fungal attack? Why often white patches appear on tooth?

Tooth decay, loss of enamel or fluoride content of drinking water can lead to white patches. It can be cured using composite resins treatment.

4. Special advice for diabetic patients

As they have less defense power, more chances are there for dental problems and plaque damages. So, they should consult a dentist once in every six months. Brush twice daily, clean teeth taking dentist’s help, use antibiotics if tooth is picked – never forget these things.

5. Food for dental health

Calcium is the vital factor needed for healthy teeth. Milk products, small fishes, ragi, leafy vegetables and sesame seeds are best. Magnesium and phosphorus are needed for the development of enamel. Meat, milk, eggs, palak, banana and whole wheat can serve you with these factors. Reduce sweet added and carbonated drinks and avoid snacks at regular intervals for your dental health. It’s better to use fruits and cashews as snacks. Reduce dried raisins, dates and figs as they have excess sugar content. Wash your mouth properly after having food, sweets and drinks.

6. Why hot drinks are often sensitive to teeth?

Dentine present inside the tooth is induced by excess hot and cold giving sourness. Very often, structure of enamel gives rise to this problem. It can be solved to some extend by sealing the tube inside dentine using Flouride potassium nitrate or Strontium chloride.

7. What things are to be noted while wearing orthodontic bands, braises and clips?

Such clips give temporary changes to your plaques and teeth. When the treatment is complete, problems diminish too. Give special care while brushing your teeth and avoid hard food substances, sticky chocolates and sweet carbonated drinks if you are undergoing such dental treatments. Otherwise such substances can stick to bands and loose them. You should avoid chewing guns, sweets and solid cashew nuts too. 

8. What special care is needed after your tooth is picked out?

Keep cotton in that place at least for 45 minutes. Avoid spitting. Take light and soft food like milk and bread and avoid cold food items too. In case you have bleeding at night, press it with clean cotton and apply ice packs. As hot food items can increase bleeding, avoid hot items too. Yet, if problems persist contact your dentist.

9. How to protect artificial teeth?

Clean them daily. Also clean the space where you fix your teeth. Brush twice softly and wash your mouth thoroughly after every food intake. Never use hot water to clean your teeth or never give excess pressure while brushing. Before you go to sleep, put them in water to avoid its contraction.

10. Things to be noted while brushing your kid’s teeth

When his milk tooth comes out you can use thimble brush to clean his teeth. Teach him to brush teeth with toothpaste when he becomes two years old. Give him white paste or paste with less fluoride content. Gel toothpastes contain silica; enough for enamel tear out. It’s not necessary for toothpaste when you brush him in the morning and take just 2-3 minutes. If you give him sweet medicines at night never forget to brush his teeth.

11. Kids are naughty. Accidentally if his tooth falls due to blow or something else, what special care should be given?

If tooth has come out fully including its root, never touch that place with your fingers. Wash it well and consult a dentist with the broken tooth. Mouth guard can be used while kids are playing, to avoid such damages. Even if it’s not bleeding while his tooth is injured, you should consult a doctor. If pulp is damaged it may result in pus and tooth pain later. 

12. Things to be noted while choosing toothpaste

Fluoride pastes reduce dental problems. But if your drinking water has fluoride content seek your dentist’s advice. Medicated toothpastes should be used only with doctor’s advice.

13. If your teeth have sour taste, what things are to be noted?

As age progresses one may feel sourness. If there is gap in between teeth or if you have plaque problems, root of tooth becomes visible. It has a delicate coating of cementum that may be lost while brushing. Gradually it reaches dentine and dentine responses quickly to hot and cold substances. Such persons should avoid orange, lemon, pine apple and similar substances that cause sourness and they should never put extra pressure on teeth while brushing.

So, I have covered some of the common doubts related to dental problems. Before I conclude let me give you 10 useful tips for your dental health.

1. Use brushes with soft bristles only and maximum life span of a brush is 3 months.

2. Sourness to teeth appears at the primitive stage of dental decay. So consult doctor at first stage itself.

3. If wounds of mouth are not cured within 3 weeks, consult a dentist.

4. Heart patients and diabetic patients have more chances of dental problems.

5. Never give milk to kids at night if he has dental problems. If given clean his mouth well.

6. You can do tooth whitening at your home seeking expert’s opinion. It takes 5 to 7 days only.

7. Active Sinus can give rise to tooth pain, head ache and gum issues too. So take care of your sinus problems as well.

8. Raw vegetables, fruits and fiber content food like sugarcane are best for your teeth and plaque’s health.

9. Warm salt water is a quick remedy for mouth wounds, and it reduces plaque issues too.

10. Warm water can also help in the decay of food materials stick on the tooth gaps, thus removing them completely on regular use.

Citation: This column is based on article published in a health Magazine and should be used for reference purposes only. Please seek the help of your dentist for severe dental issues. Thank you.

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