Anil Dharker – Acclaimed columnist and writer

Anil Dharker is a veteran columnist and English writer who has been associated with different forms of journals as a freelancer columnist and editor. He has also given immense contribution in association with NFDC, and has served as its head in the 1980s. During his term, NFDC co-produced academy award winner Gandhi (1982) and earlier ventures of some of the leading filmmakers, mostly associated with parallel cinema. He is the founder-director of Literature Live, which conducts literary festivals and has remained a member of selection committee which sends Indian films to Cannes and other international film festivals.

Anil Dharker completed his advanced studies in English. After completing Mechanical Engineering from the University of London, he briefly taught at University of Glasgow before he moved to India to work in construction sector as an advisor. By that time he also started writing columns of Indian cinema, which earned him a position in various film selection committees, apart from NFDC and Film Censor Board. As a journalist, he has contributed columns to different forms of publications and has interviewed some leading personalities across the globe. Man Who Talked to Machines, The Romance of Salt about Mahatma Gandhi`s Dandi March, Sorry, Not Ready: Television in the Time of PM Darshan etc are among his published books.

Anil Dharker – Some interesting and less-known facts

1. He was formerly married to Pakistani poet Imtiaz Dharker, and noted British-Indian actress Ayesha Dharker is their daughter.

2. He frequently appears on TV channels for debates and discussions on political and social issues.

3. He founded the Mumbai International Literary Festival in 2010.

4. He has been a sportsman, associated with table tennis, cricket, squash and badminton.

5. The founder of ‘Literature Live!’, he conducted 9th year literary festival in 2018.


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