Useful tips to remove makeup before you go to sleep

You may feel sleepy or very tired before you go to bed. But always take care to remove the complete makeup before you go to sleep. The remains of makeup will block pores of skin giving skin damages later. It you steam your face for a few moments, it’s easy to remove makeup.

Never rub eyes with extra pressure while removing makeup

1. To remove eye makeup, removers of leading brands are available. If you have used false eyelashes, it should be removed first before eye liner, mascara and eye shadow.

2. Eyes are very sensitive. So never rub your eyes or surrounding areas strongly using cotton, tissue or anything else. Black patches may appear round your eyes. It may also result in loss of eye lashes.

3. Only use eye makeup removers for eyes and its surrounding areas. Take a little and apply two or three times to gently remove the eye makeup.

4. You can also use cotton dipped in baby oil to remove mascara, kajal or waterproof eye liner. You may need to apply one more time to remove the makeup completely.

5. Mix a little cucumber juice with coconut oil and apply on your face. Wash off after some time. If you own an oily skin, use salicylic cleansers to clean your face.  

6. After every use, sharpen your eye pencils. It reduces infection and gives freshness for every use.

Nail polish removing bottle is the best option

Youngsters love to choose nail polishes matching with their costumes. But regular use of nail polish remover can reduce the density and thickness of nails due to the presence of an acid, acetone. Here are a few tips for removing nail polish. 

1. Now Nail polish removing bottles are available in market. A sponge with acetone content will be there inside the bottle. You need to roll your nail once in this sponge.

2. Apply vitamin oils to nails. If so they retain strength.

3. While you are using dark colours for nails, it’s always a better choice to apply a transparent coat as base. Otherwise even after nail polish is removed, some traces of dark shades may stick on to your nails.

Removers are good, But not for frequent use

1. Makeup removing whips, liquids and sprays are readily available in markets. Yet it’s not a healthy way to use them regularly. If it’s an oily skin, you can use baby oil to remove makeup. For dry skin, coconut oil or olive oil could be the right choice.

2. You can also use some cold cream. Apply cold cream and after 5 minutes, use cotton to remove your makeup.

3. Last step to remove makeup is to use some face wash. Then use a clean towel to remove the moisture content. You can also use gram powder or green gram powder as an alternative to face wash.

4. Never forget to apply some moisturizing cream soon after you removed the makeup. Aloe vera jelly is also a nice choice. Milk is a good toner and moisturizer. If you own a sensitive skin, dip cotton in milk to clean your face makeup.

Vaseline is the best option for lips

Lips play an important role in a person’s beauty. Attractive lips and smile add extra beauty to face. You should give that much importance for removing lips makeup. Otherwise lips may lose their natural beauty and freshness. Here are a few tips for you.

1. Lips are very delicate. So never apply cleansing milk on your lips. You can use Vaseline with petroleum jelly content to remove your lipstick.

2. After you completely removed your lipstick, apply a little butter or milk membrane on your lips before you go to sleep.

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