Achuthan B. Nair – Child artist who played Chandroth Chanthunni in ‘Mamangam’

Achuthan B. Nair, simply called Achuthan is an upcoming young actor from Malayalam cinema. This child artist made his impressive screen debut through big budget – ‘Mamangam’, with Mammooty playing the lead role of Chandroth valiya panicker. Achuthan essayed the pivot role of Chandroth Chanthunni, a child warrior in the film, earning accolades. He fully dedicated two years for this role, without attending school classes except exams. He also grew a long hair for the role, after obtaining permission from school authorities.

Achuthan B. Nair is a native of Kottayam. His father Balagopalan is an artist at Malayala Manorama. His mother V. C. Shobha is a KSRTC officer. He has one young sister, Arundhati. He was enjoying his 4th standard vacation, when he bagged the pivot role of ‘Mamangam’ through an audition. When the movie got released in 2019, he was studying in 6th standard at Puthupally Georgian School. The filmmakers searched for a kid with knowledge in Kerala martial arts at different teaching schools, and finally zeroed Achuthan for this role. After he bagged the role, he even quit his school classes completely for two years, to be a part of the film, and only attended examinations.

Achuthan B. Nair – Some interesting and less-known facts

1. He is trained in Kerala martial arts since the age of 5. He learnt under Baiju Varghese Gurukkal of Puthupally Jai Shankar K. J. V. Kalari. He also loves acting similar to Kalari.

2. For the role of Mamangam, he learnt sword and urmi from Kozhikode C. V. N. Kalari, under the guidance of gurus – Sunil and Gopan.

3. He grew hair for the role of Chandroth Chanthunni in ‘Mamangam’. In fact he loves long hair. Very often because of his hair locks, people misunderstand him to be a girl. One day at a textile shop, salesman asked him to go to girls’ section, assuming him to be a boy.

4. When he was selected for the role of Mamangam, he didn’t know then, Mammooty plays the lead role. Interestingly he also kept it as a secret till the poster of the movie got released.

5. He stayed with the film team for 1.5 years, whole through the completion of movie. Initially he was not sure if he is in or out.

6. Prachi Tehlan, the lead actress of the movie was his best friend in the film set of Mamangam. During free hours, he used to teach her Malayalam. They mostly communicated in Hindi and English.

7. In the film sets, when he saw Mammootty for the first time, the actor suggested him to do 50 push-ups every day, and Achuthan happily completely the task every day. It was for the first time he met a celebrity actor in his life.

8. The name for his young sister, Arundhati was suggested by Achuthan himself. He likes Anushka Shetty’s role in Arundhati movie, and hence fixed that name for his younger sister, who is a nursery student now (studying LKG when Achuthan’s debut flick is released).

9. His younger sister calls him ‘Mon’ which means ‘son’, imitating her parents.

10. Among all school subjects, social studies – his most difficult subject. English and sports are his favourites. He loves drawing.

11. He didn’t attend school classes for 2 years during the filming of Mamangam, and almost stayed with the team at the location. His father used to bring books to film sets, and he studied at film sets. When he reaches home, his mother used to teach him. He attended only exams.


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