Monthly Archive: April 2021


Mischievous time and its half-truths

In the corridor of past Now beats a flower fallen long back💓 Its condensed misty drops Are dropping as chilled tears Dissolving heavy heart & its unsolved puzzles. In one of those lonely steps...


My glowing lamp

“My glowing lamp has reached its nightfall🪔🪔 Oil exhausted, flame gone🔥🔥 And your memories have begun to smoke Suffocating me with its pungent smell😶” “I am a burning lamp Whose glow has reached its...


All These Possessions Are Yours

Those sad verses which wake up in my lines Those depressed footprints which fill my shadows Those footfalls of separation which tuned my memories Those teardrops which condensed in heart as pearls Those lamps...



Rain is pouring loud Like sprouting new life Is it sob of sky bursting as raindrops? Or the soothing music to paining hearts? When she comes down as springs Without waiting for permission To...