When to eat? How to eat?

Through healthy food habits, you can achieve health and longevity. But most of us loss control, when we see our hot favourite items in front of us, whether it’s some dessert or deep oil fried snacks. But never forget the most important thing – cultivating healthy food habits since young provides you a sound mind along with a healthy body, free of stress due to diseases and mental issues. When to eat? And how to eat? Here I suggest a few simple tricks.

1. Eat food only when you feel hungry. When you eat meals, never fill your stomach completely. Leave a little space. Fill only 80% of your stomach and leave the rest free. For instance, when you feel that one more chapati can fill your stomach completely, it’s the stopping point.

2. Are you a person addicted to sweets? Do you have a habit to eat some sweets soon after meals? Eat some fruit after meals, if you can’t avoid something sweet.

3. If you have determined to control the intake of fat and sweet, never hesitate to say ‘no’ before any such unhealthy dish, though offered by your host or colleague. Teach your mind this simple lesson – Food is not to fulfill your desire, but to keep yourself from hunger. Even if you lose control though your stomach is full, make a habit to say ‘no’ before your favourite dish.

4. Eat food slowly and chew it well. The feel of filled stomach is felt in human brain. As per studies, if you take more time for eating and chew it well, the illusion of filled stomach is felt earlier. It also improves digestion, and reduces your body weight. It’s a good solution to obesity problems too.

5. Do you have a habit to eat sweets or snacks or eat in excess in the company of friends or while watching television? Do you eat excess for dinner? Do you have dinner very late? Try to find such eating disorders and rectify them as early as possible.

6. You need not refer numerous books or websites to find brainstorming ideas for proper food habits. Best method is to keep note of everything you eat in a diary. You should add each and every single piece, even a candy. Continue the process for at least two weeks, and have a self-study to know which food habits are to be avoided, and where improvements are to be made.

7. When you take your meals plate, fill half of it with vegetables and fruits. The remaining portion should include protein and carbohydrate rich food.

8. You can determine early morning itself, the quantity of food to be taken for your regular meals. Even if your dining table is filled with your favourite dishes, keep a control of your taken food. You can purchase a measuring cup and spoon to follow a strict regimen in diet. Measure food using cup before eat. It keeps your food intake in control.

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