What’s the fitness mantra of Mammootty?

Mammootty – one of the most versatile actors of Malayalam film industry is a great inspiration to Malayalis who set new principles to physical fitness. Unlike other Malayalam actors who give less importance to physical fitness, the actor believes that he can stay in Mollywood as a lead actor as long as he gives enough care to his body and health. Though he has passed that senior citizen mark of 60+ years ago, through his great physique, stamina and glamour, he set a great example that it’s possible to look young at the age of 64 if one dedicates himself so. 

What’s the secret behind Mammootty’s fitness? Definitely he looks at least 20 years less than his real age, and not even a single youngster actor has been able to reach the benchmark created by this great actor, in terms of his fitness and glamour. Even young actresses in the early 20s feel a matter of pride if got opportunity to work opposite him. Definitely it’s his strict daily routine, exercises and diet which has kept ‘age’ distant away from him. This fitness freak of Malayalam set new examples stating that good physique is not at all about 6-pack or 8-pack muscles similar to Bollywood heroes.


His secret diet is his real secret behind fitness

It’s known to everyone he never eats outside, and never touches junk food. Here lies the biggest answer of his fitness and glamour. Whenever he goes, he carries his cook along with him. He eats comparatively less food which keeps him all sorts of problems related to diet. Though he earns a lot, he starves himself to keep him young and sustain in the industry. Definitely his name comes at position one among Malayalam actors, if talent and body fitness are counted together. 
Only a few people know that he was a professional volley ball player during his youth and loves to promote this game among youngsters. 

Strict diet free of carbohydrates

He avoids snacks and oily items like chips and stay away from carbohydrates and junk food too. He also never consumes sweets except ice cream. It’s the secret of this 60+ year old actor. He loves homemade food cooked by his wife, and loves her sambar and chutneys. A chapati and a small handful of rice – it’s his lunch in his shooting locations. Years back news burst out when a fan of his secretly spied him at a film set to see his secret ‘lunch box’ and burst into tears. 

What’s his cheat dish?

Though known for his strict food habits, like any star he too has a cheat dish. It’s mutton biryani. 

Daily exercise

Though most stars are known for doing exercises on daily basis, only a few are available in our industry who combine strict diet with regular exercise. Mammootty spends at least half an hour daily for exercise. Apart from 30 minutes for exercise, he also spares a little time for running also. The star believes that if he does so in a regular exercise, he need not spend time to feel tension for his increasing age or decreasing fitness. 

Tension free

He also prefers a tension free life, and never drags his professional life to home. He also loves to watch television or hear music during his leisure time. He has no anxiety over his increasing age. In an interview given to Vanitha magazine a few years ago, he said that only people around him are worrying about his age, not he. Like every person – a child or an adult, his age is also increasing when night sets for a new dawn.

His hard work to reach a position where he is 

Though he has done a few bit roles in the late 1970s, he came to spotlight with the mid-1980s. In those days, though in his early 30s, he was not glamorous. He was just an ordinary actor then. He rose to fame with the late 1980s and early 1990s, and established himself as the lead actor of Malayalam. Since then he has always received positive comments for his physical fitness and glamour apart from acting skills, and the most astonishing fact is that he has not changed too much in the past 25 years. It can be said this handsome hunk has improved only in a positive way, glamour being added every year, every day and every moment passed by.
Most actors who have debut film industry in the 1980s and 1990s are currently playing father and grandfather roles, the two exceptions being Mammootty and Mohanlal who ruled fans’ hearts for more than 35 years, and still at no: 1 position. Let them both stay fit and young and give us a lot of surprises through their acting skills and excellent roles. Like any fan of both these actors, I too wish the same.

His message to young actors

The actor gives a significant importance to his body physique and glamour, as he knows well, a hero remains in the industry as long as he is young, his body is young. That’s his success mantra for staying in the industry for more than 35 years as supreme star, and he advises young actors to take care of their health and body to sustain in the industry. He asks youngsters never to forget their body and live a well-disciplined life. Otherwise he warns that this body will revenge you in future. 
Mammootty’s son Dulquer Salman is one of the most popular young actors of the industry right now. Mammootty is enjoying his senior age in company with his children and grandchildren, enjoying his professional and personal life fully. Let us take inspiration from his life – as a great person, a great professional and of course, a great example to live a disciplined life style.  
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