Swarnakolam of Koodalmanikyam

Koodalmanikyam is one of the rare temples of Kerala, where golden idol (swarna kolam) is used for procession (Ezhunnallipp) during annual temple celebrations. Kolam is semi-ellipse in shape usually in golden colour, and the thidamb (idol of deity) is fixed inside it. Kolams was usually used for elephant processions of temple festivals of Kerala. In Koodalmanikyam, the golden Kolam is used during the rituals of Seeveli of mornings and Vilakkezhunnellipp during nights. Annual temple celebrations last for 10 days. Koodalmanikyam is one of the rarest Bharatha temples of Kerala, and one of the Nalambala Darshanam temples of Thrissur district. Read more.

Swarna Kolam of Koodalmanikyam

How the customs are done every year

Soon after Maathrukkal Bali and Maathrukkal Darshan, the divine thidamb of Lord is fixed inside the Kolam made of gold. Accompanied by people carrying Kuthuvilak (a type of lamp used in temples and traditional Kerala homes), Ezhunnallipp of Lord Bharata to the outside of Sreekovil is conducted. Later the golden thidamb is mounted on an elephant and the royal procession is conducted outside the temple. Sword, shield and Kuthuvilakk are used for Ezhunnallath, and is accompanied by the heir from Royal family. Everything is conducted in a royal way.

The group circumvallates the sreekovil three times, and then Kootta Ezhunnallath with 17 elephants is also conducted. The decorations used for caparisoned elephants also follow certain customs. It’s one of the rarest scenes of temple festivals of Kerala, where 7 elephants will be fully decorated with golden accessories, while silver is used for the rest 10. In addition to it, the handle used for Venchamaram of the elephant carrying the thidamb is also made of gold.

During the annual celebrations many cultural events are also conducted, and art forms such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Sangeethaarchana, Thiruvathirakali etc form a part of the event.

Sree Bhootha Bali of Koodalmanikyam Temple celebrations

Image Courtesy: Mathrubhumi      

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