Spices to spice your life! Know their medicinal benefits

It’s only a myth that spices are used in our cuisine to enhance taste, smell and flavours. In Indian terms, we use the term ‘masala’, when we add two or more types of spices to our dishes.do you know, apart from providing distinct taste and aroma to dishes, they have the quality to provide some kind of medicinal benefits too? Further read to know their medicinal uses.

Pepper – King among the spices for its medicinal values

Known as the king of spices, pepper contains several minerals and nutritional factors. The ‘chilli’ taste of pepper is given by the alkaloid named Piperline, which enhances digestion process as well. It gives relief to health related issues such as cough, cold etc, and also improves metabolic activities to block rheumatic conditions. Vitamin – A, C and K are found in abundance in pepper, apart from minerals and components such as Thiamine, folic acid, riboflavin, Colin, copper, iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc etc. Anti-oxidants in pepper can block or destroy free radicals inside body, thus resisting cancer, liver diseases, heart problems etc. To read more about medicinal benefits of pepper, click this link.

Cinnamon – reduce the effects of free radicals

Anti-oxidants present in cinnamon can repair and reduce the after effects of the activities caused by free radicals within human cells. Thus it can slow down aging process. They also have fibre, calcium and manganese in high quality. The factors present in cinnamon such as cinnamaldehyde and epicatechin can bring positive changes in the structure and functioning of neurons. After meals, cinnamon has the ability to reduce blood sugar level and also control the blood circulation process.

Cinnamon is good for dental health as well. They can kill bad bacteria which affects teeth, because cinnamon is known for its anti-bacterial qualities. Regular intake of cinnamon through food can provide good dental health and shining white colour to teeth. Cinnamon cleans teeth.

Cloves – For dental health

They own multi-benefits including dental health and an easy remedy to tooth ache and dental decay. Cloves are effective to block cancer, it protects liver, improve body immunity and helps defence mechanism, controls diabetics, improves the strength of bones etc. It’s an easy remedy for head ache too.

Cloves contain nutritional factors such as carbohydrates, protein, energy, food fibers etc. Mineral contents include – potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium etc, and also vitamin supplements like Vitamin-E, Fluorite, Niacin etc. Phosphorous, iron, zinc, Vitamin- A, C, K, Thiamine, riboflavin etc are a few more.

Fennel seeds – For eye health and gastritis

Fennel seeds are effectively used as easy remedy for a series of disorders and ailments. Chest pain, gas trouble, asthma, diabetics etc are common disorders or conditions to mention. India is the no: 1 exporter of fennel seeds known as ‘Sanoof’. In north India, there is a tradition to have a few seeds of sanoof soon after having a meal.

Fennel seeds are abundant in copper, potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, vitamin-C, selenium, magnesium etc. Consumption of fennel seeds can keep blood pressure under control. A handful of fennel seeds is enough to provide health benefits to eyes, because it’s abundant in vitamin-A, a good factor to enhance eye health. It can also reduce the symptoms of the eye disorder – glaucoma.

Cardamom – The queen of spices

Cardamom is quite popular for its sweet aroma, and is also known as queen among spices. They are highly expensive and huge in demand too. After vanilla and saffron, Cardamom is costly. They can improve blood circulation, especially of respiratory track. For the same reason, cardamom is widely used as a natural remedy to diseases related to respiratory organs and breathing difficulties.

As cardamom can increase metabolic activities, it flushes out fat from body. Exposure to cardamom oil can reduce anxiety, tiredness, restlessness and conditions like insomnia.

Disclaimer: This content is purely based on a magazine article. So kindly take your doctor’s advice before adopting them to normal food habits.

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