Sitting in correct posture – Now make it a habit

Nowadays back pain is quite common in people with age 30 or 40+, and if you try to find its source, wrong sitting position and sitting for long hours in a single stretch are major reasons. It’s true, as a part of our profession, we may need to work for long hours in a stretch and we can’t avoid it. But if we take care of a few things, many complications in distant future can be avoided. After all back pain is almost irreversible, and once this problem get hold of you, it’s not going to let you soon.

We should maintain correct sitting posture and make it a habit as well. And here are a few simple tips for you.

1. Choose chairs which give less strain to backbone, and they should not slant too much.

2. When you sit, you can place a cushion at the lower end of your back, to give enough support to your backbone. It gives rest to both neck and back.

3. You should sit with head in erect position. Chin should be a little inwards while sitting. Chest, neck and back should be in straight position.

4. Never put extra strain on your shoulders. Keep them relaxed.

5. Your back should be straight and buttocks should touch the back of your chair. It’s the correct sitting posture.

6. If you are working in a computer table, rest your hands in arms of the chair. If you sit with shoulders in a bending position, it adds strain to your tissues.

7. When your legs are in straight position, there should be a little distance between the knees. Also your feet should touch the ground, and in flat position. Legs in crossed position – is a wrong posture.

8. Even while you are busy with your office schedule, take a small break for every 30-40 minutes, have a small walk and come back.

9. You can also do a bit stretching exercise in between small gaps and feel relaxed.

10. Your eyes and computer screen should be in a straight line, to avoid stress to eyes, neck and of course backbone.

11. While sitting, all your three back curves should be present, ensuring that you are sitting in the right posture.

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