Simple Mango Pudding

I made this dessert based on a recipe published in a daily and it tasted wonderful. With less number of ingredients and less time of preparation, this dish is a perfect choice during mango season. It tastes perfect if chosen mangoes are well ripen. And here is the recipe.

mango pudding

Ingredients for Simple Mango Pudding:

1. Mango pulp – 100 gm, (I took one big sized mango as I don’t know the exact weight)

2. Corn flour – 2 tea spoon

3. Sugar – 2 table spoons (You can add more as per your preference. If mango is sour you may need to add a bit more)

4. Vanilla essence – 1/4 tea spoon or a few drops (it should not override the taste of mango)

5. Lemon juice – From 1 lemon

6. Cardamom powder – A pinch (but it’s optional)

7. Water – As required

Method of preparation – Simple Mango Pudding

1. Make a fine paste of all ingredients adding sufficient water. 

2. You can use a wire mesh strainer to extract the paste.

3. It should not be too thick. Add excess water if required.

4.Transfer all the contents to a non-stick pan.

5. Cook the mixture in low flame for around 10 minutes.

6. Stir continuously to avoid lumps.

7. Pudding turns thick and put off the flame when pudding coats the back side of spoon so well.

8. You can transfer the mango pudding to serving bowls and allow to cool. It thickens more even after cooling down.


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