Sandeep Pradeep – Budding Malayalam Actor of ‘Falimy’ fame

Sandeep Pradeep is a young and talented actor associated with Malayalam cinema. Started off his career with short films, later he moved to supporting roles, and he is best known for his work in 2023 hit film, ‘Falimy’. His role as Abhijith “Abhi”, the son of Jagadish in the movie which depicted the story of a dysfunctional family well noticed. He also appeared in Pathinettam Padi and Anthakshari.

Sandeep Pradeep started doing short films during his school days

Sandeep is living with his family in Ernakulam last 5 years. His father Pradeep works in sales in Dubai. His mother Sandhya is a housewife, and his younger sister Sanjana is studying. Since childhood days, Sandeep has been fascinated with entertainment field, and his family has always supported him in pursuing his acting dreams.

He appeared in a short film for the first time while studying in class 10. Along with a few friends interested in entertainment, he formed a group Lumiour Bros. They started off with making short films. One of its members was director Anand Menon of ‘Gauthamante Ratham’ fame.

The short film Shanti Muhurtham gave him initial appreciation

After completing Plus-2, he moved to Bangalore to study VFX. He got the short film Shanti Muhurtham during this time. Director Nithish Sahadev who made debut with Falimy, spotted Sandeep through this short film and offered him a role for his upcoming project. However the movie never happened. But their friendship didn’t break, and later offered him a meaty role in Falimy. His appearance in the web series, Kalyana Kacheri was also noticed during those days.

Falimy is his most popular role till now

Pathinettam Padi was his debut flick, and he shared screen space with Mammootty in this film. Pre-production work of ‘Falimy’ started four years back, and since then Sandeep was a part of the project. In fact he was the first actor casted in the film. When talented and experienced artists like Jagadish were added to the film later, he was a bit nervous. Yet everything went fine, and the movie was well received by family audience in theatres. He also shared screen space with Basil Joseph and Manju Pillai in the film, who played his elder brother and mother in the film, respectively.

Sandeep Pradeep – Some interesting and less-known facts

1. Sandeep was 15 when he acted in the first short film, and till now has acted in more than 15.

2. He has attended only one film audition and it was Pathinettam Padi.

3. He shares close relation with director Nithish Sahadev, who gave him the most popular film role. They used to hang out with friends most of the time during those days.

4. He is open to accept more brother roles too. Yet he is keen in doing challenging roles as well.

5. He is a foodie and an avid traveller.


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