Nutty Caramel Soufflé

Ingredients for Nutty Caramel Soufflé:

1. Sugar – 4 big spoons

2. Broken cashews – 6 big spoons

3. Ghee – 1 big spoon

4. Gelatin – 30 gm

    Hot water – 1 cup

5. Sugar – 60 gm

    Butter – 60 gm

6. Hot milk – 600 milli

7. Eggs – 4

8. Sugar – 120 gm

9. Vanilla essence – 2 big spoons

How to prepare Nutty Caramel Soufflé?

1. Burn sugar and add cashews and ghee to it. Mix it well and take from flame.

2. Spread a little ghee on the surface of a plate and pour the sugar-ghee solution hot to it.

3. Allow it to cool.

4. When it cools, you can powder it and preserve it in an air-tight container.

5. Soak gelatin in 1 cup hot water, and place that bowl/cup in boiling water to melt it.

6. Burn 60 gm sugar and add 60 gm ghee to it.

7. Take from flame and mix well with hot milk.

8. Separate yellow and white yolk of eggs.

9. Using a beater, whip well the white yolk.

10. Add sugar to yellow yolk and blend well.

11. Once hot milk is a little cooled, add this sugar-yellow yolk mixture to it.

12. Place in stove in low flame, and thicken it a little bit.

13. Add melted gelatin to this mixture and allow it to cool.

14. When it’s half set, add white yolk and use beater in low speed to mix the contents.

15. Add vanilla essence to it, mix well and place in refrigerator to set.

16. Just before you serve, decorate with broken cashews on top.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine March 1-14, 2014

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