Neeye (Tamil album song) – Lyrics in English with Translation

Song: Neeye (Tamil album song) 2016

Lyrics: Arivu

Music: Phani Kalyan

Playback: Yazin Nizar and Sharanya Srinivas

Filmed on: Shreya Deshpande and Niranjan Harish

Neeye (Tamil album song) – Lyrics in English with Translation


Mudhal vetkam thantha neeye

Manapakkam vantha neeye

Kadhal aanathe

Neeye neeye…

It’s you

It’s you who gave me first blush,

You who came near my heart,

And became love.

It’s you

It’s you

Iravum pagalum neethane

Kadalum alaiyum nuraiyum neethaane

Udalum uyirum neeye

Yengum yethilum neeye

Yethilum athilum neeye (F)

Night & day, it’s only you

Sea, wave & foams, it’s only you

It’s you in body & life

It’s you everywhere & in everything

It’s you in this & that


Thatti viduvathum neeye

Yetti pidippathum neeye

Enai kolladi.

It’s you

It’s you who send me away

It’s you reach me to catch

You kill me.

Kadhal nadathidum indha modhal

Yethu vantha podhum neeye

Thaayum aagi nil (M)

All these conflicts which love make,

After all these too,

It’s you.

Please stay as mother too


Yethilum unadhu mugam vanthu

Enadhu gavanam thadumaarum

Athilum kooda sugamaaga

Or amaithi kaangiren (M)

Your face comes in everything

And takes away my attention

Even in that,

I am seeing a silent happiness

Ethiril vanthu nindrale

Enadhu nilamai ennaagum

Vizhagi neeyum nadanthale

Naan udainthu pogiren(F)

If you come in front of me,

What will be my condition?

If you walk too close,

I will go shattered


Enadhuyir sattam neeye

Edhir varum thittam neeye


It’s you,

The voice of my life

It’s you,

Upcoming plan,

I shall become.


Vazhiyinil oru vervai

Ivan nanainthidum bodhai

Enai neekka vaa (M)

Sweating inside rock

He is drenching in intoxication

Please come to move me away


Nee enai maranthal

Veroru uravillaiye

Naan enai tharuven

Nee varum azhagutiye (F)

If you forget me,

I don’t have any other bond.

I shall give me to you

In the charm you come

Naanum inge neeyaaga

Vaazha neeyum vanthaye

Neeyum inge naanaaga

Varam vendume

I shall become you here

If you come to live with me;

You also become me here

Need such a blessing


Vali tharuvathum neeye

Vazhi viduvathum neeye

Muranpaadu yen.

It’s you,

Who gives pain

It’s you

Who gives way,

My anomaly…..


Uyir vazhi varum thedal

Idaiyinil varum oodal

Nalam kaanavaa (M)


Is a search through life,

Is a love quarrel which comes in between.

Come to see the good in it


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