Mutta Adukk

Ingredients for Mutta Adukk:

1. Maida – 2 cups

    Eggs – 6

    Cardamom powder – A pinch

    Salt – A pinch

    Sugar – ¾ cup

2. Couscous – 50 gm

3. Cashews -100 gm

4. Raisins – 100 gm

5. Ghee – 50 gm

How to prepare Mutta Adukk?

1. Mix together ingredients no: 1 and blend well in a mixer.

2. The batter should be thick similar to dosa.

3. Fry couscous in a pan without adding oil. (Couscous should be dried earlier, after removing stones and dust particles)

4. Break raisins and cashews to small pieces and fry in ghee and keep aside.

5. Heat a tawa, and greese it using ghee.

6. Pour the batter and spread thin to prepare pancakes (similar to dosa).

7. Sprinkle fried couscous, raisins and cashews on its top.

8. Similar to pancake, fold it once from left to right to get semi-circular shape. Let it remain so in the tawa.

9. In the space left now in the pan, grease it using ghee.

10. Pour batter very thin in semi-circle shape and spread filling on its top.

11. Now flip the folded pancake (already prepared) on the second prepared one and press it well.

12. In the space left in the right side of pan, pour a thin layer of batter in semi-circle shape, and spread a little fillings too.

13. Now place the pancake on the right side on its top by flipping once.

14. Continue the process till 7 or 8 layers of Mutta Adukk is formed.

15. When the process is completed, press well the edges using a spatula.

16. Take off your muttta adukk from flame and slice them thin.

17. Folds are visible in each piece.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine June 15-30, 2010

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