Muringakka Payasam

Let us make this Onam a bit different by making Payasam/Pradhaman using vegetables from kitchen. I shall give you a simple recipe published on Mathrubhumi Nagaram on August 30. 2017.


Ingredients for Muringakka Payasam:

1. Drumstick – 4

2.Sugar – ½ cup

3. Milk – 500 ml

4. Nutmeg and cinnamon powdered – A pinch

5. Saffron – To decorate

How to prepare Muringakka Payasam?

1. Cook drumstick and peel the flesh only, and keep it aside.

2. Boil milk, and add sugar along with drumstick flesh.

3. If you need extra sugar, you can add it at this point.

4. Cook in low flame till contents get thickened.

5. Add Nutmeg and cinnamon powder and put the flame off.

6. You can decorate your Muringakka Payasam using saffron bits.

A few more pudding recipes for you. Here is the page link. Click on the images in the gallery to read:

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