Top 10 Latest Curtains Currently Trending

For privacy as well as for creative and beautiful interior designs, curtains play a significant role. Changing curtains can completely alter the look of your interior and can give you a fresh look. Curtain types and colour can influence your mood a lot. In short – creativity and beauty sense of yours can be well exhibited in beautiful and colourful pieces of clothes, we call curtain. Good and trending designs can give you appreciations from guests, and even a simple curtain quite matching with the interior can effectively do it.

In the designing phase itself you should have a better idea on what type of curtain is to be chosen for each room, and fix rods according to it. Now let us see, different types of curtains currently trending.

1. Pelmet Curtain – Curtain is stitched first, and when fixed, the fixing region and rode are hidden and covered in pelmet curtain. The cover surrounding the curtain called pelmet is made using thick material such as plywood, wood, MTF etc. You can highlight the beauty of pelmet curtain by fixing small lights inside the pelmet. It easily gets centre of attraction as well, if there is a gathering or party at home. Pelmet curtain is usually chosen for official purposes, special guest room etc. 

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2. Pleated Curtain – The most simplest among curtains, it’s most popular also. That’s why it’s often called evergreen curtain. You can stitch pleated curtains as you desire – with one pleat, two or more. Three-pleated curtain is most popular. You can use aluminum channels and fix curtains using plastic hooks. Your curtain is ready. 

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3. Loop Curtain – Loops are made with the same stuff used for curtain and fixed in rods. It’s very easy to make loop curtains. It’s suited for both home and office, and if you choose another, but matching colour for loops, it gives a distinct look to curtains. 

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4. Eyelet Curtain – As the name specifies, curtain has some eyes, through which a stainless steel, metal, plastic, painted or wooden rod can be penetrated and hung as curtain. It’s one of the most popular and trending curtains right now. At both ends the curtain can be locked with beautiful rings of any type, but matching in colour. The rod plays a significant role in exhibiting the beauty of the curtain. Special brackets are used to fix these curtains on wall. It’s biggest advantage – easy cleaning and maintenance.

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5. Two-layer curtains – Sheer curtains are done in two layers, hence a bit complex and expensive comparing other designs. The second layer is fixed behind the main curtain, and used to regulate the entry of sunlight inside the room. If you want more sunlight at daytime, you can move the main curtain to either side, and use sheer curtains. If you want full darkness in room, use both curtains together as double layer. Always thin cloth such as organza, net, linen or polyester is used to make sheer curtain used as inner layer. They allow entry of air into the room, and also act as a filter to dust particles.

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It hides the room sight from outside, regulates sunlight inside room and also blocks dust particles from entering the room. As you need to stitch two layers of curtain, it is more expensive comparing single layered curtain and hence rarely chosen. 

6. Scallop Curtain – You can give a royal feeling to your interior by giving extra decorations and designs to the upper part of your curtains. It’s done with Festoons with beautiful folding, and shapes as per your creativity. Contrasting, yet matching colours can be chosen to make your scallop curtain quite attractive. You can also use this model in combo with normal curtains, and with two-layer curtains too. Though these curtains are expensive and can add extra beauty to your interior, cleaning and maintenance are not so easy. 

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7. Thread curtain, beaded curtain and others – You can also make simple designs by hanging colourful balloons in a row, to form a thread curtain. If a thread is filled with beautiful beads, and attached to curtains, your beaded curtain is ready. Beautiful threads can also be changed to a beautiful and royal curtain. Honeycomb curtain is made using a special material belonging to fabric category. Bamboo curtains too are trendy. You can paint your bamboo curtains with colours matching the wall and make it trendy. 

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8. Blackout Curtain – Normal curtains have a little amount transparency always. If you want full darkness in your room, Blackout Curtain is the best choice for you. Curtain materials with a black coating on the other side are readily available in market. Curtains stitched using blackout material is called Blackout Curtains. You can also stitch black lining on the inner side of curtains to make them Blackout Curtains. It can check unnecessary sound also to some extent. 

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9. Shower Curtain – Shower curtain partitions dry area and wet area of bathrooms. Till now we know about glass separations only, which may cost more or less 30,000 Indian rupees. But a shower curtain costs less than 500 or 700 rupees, and is available in many beautiful designs. It’s made using plastic materials such as rexin, and soap and dirt won’t spread in the whole bathroom.

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You can also use curtains with water-repellent material in your bathroom as shower curtain. Another option is to buy transparent dining table sheets and stitch one side; insert in a rod and fix in your bathroom. Your shower curtain is ready.

10. Automatic Curtains – Now you can set alarms in curtains to open in the morning. Automatic curtains can be controlled by using a remote, switch or smartphone. Now it’s one of the latest updates in curtain world. A curtain can be attached to a rod, and a motor. A remote control can be used to work the motor and close or open the curtain as we desire.

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It can also be done using a home automation system, connected to internet. If so, the functioning can be controlled from any part of the world, quite interesting. So, if you are staying away in some foreign country, and you want to open the curtains at your own home, automatic curtain gives you the best option. These curtains are best suited in staircase area, where it’s not easy to open or close curtains. 

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