Mother Dislikes Me – Does your kid complaint so?

If mother or teacher scolds a kid, he feels disheartened and his eyes will be filled with tears. Teach them how to respond to criticisms in a positive way. Problems turn severe in a family of two or more kids. In normal child fights, if parent take side of the younger kid and ask the elder kid to forgive, he feels that his parent doesn’t like or love him. Though the parent tries to justify her side stating that a mother has the right to punish or scold her kid, a young kid may not understand it fully.

A parent should be able to explain him, the reason behind scolding him. At the age of 5 or 6, a child may not understand its meaning fully. You can get hold of his hand and tell him that he too has the responsibility to look after his younger siblings, not just parents. You can also tell him that it’s not him, but his particular activity which you disliked. He might understand it better.  

If kid hates a teacher at school

Kids may hate those teachers who scold or punish them severely. They may feel angry also. It may be the result of the complex developed in his mind, when he is punished or humiliated in front of his friends. The problem can be simplified and solved easily only if parents know the root cause of the issue.

“I understand you were deeply hurt. But you need not feel angry towards your teacher. Such situations may occur in anyone’s life and feel humiliated also. But I am here for you, why can’t you me tell everything? Classroom is not the best place to show negative emotions”, a mother can easily make her kid understand these simple matters, and reduce the complexity of the issue. Tell him simply with love and he should feel that you understood his worries and dismays. He will understand it and definitely listen to your words too.

Certain kids are so sensitive that they start crying soon after you scolded them. In the classroom too, he might have got scolding due to carelessness or for not answering a question. Other kids may give due importance to his crying, rather than the matter for which he was scolded. Such humiliations from friends can break his heart. So, better idea is to initiate a habit in your kid to say sorry to teacher whenever he commits some mistake. By this way, you teach your kid some good lessons to admit his own mistakes, which only help him in improvising his character and behaviour.

Teach them how to face an issue with smile

 Some kids may not easily admit their mistakes. It’s applicable to elder ones also. If her dear most friend says that her picture or homework is better than hers, she may take the matter emotionally, and may feel angry towards her dear friend and in the worst case, her family too. If she gets appreciation for her work, it takes her confidence to the next level. So, it’s a parent’s duty to teach him how to positively respond to criticisms, and effectively strive to improve better next time.

You can guide your kid to find if her friend was correct in any matter, and help her to bring improvisations in the work. You can also tell her the defects in that picture which need corrections. Teach your kid to find the truth behind criticisms before he starts to respond. Healthy criticisms can help a lot in personality development and improvisations, and you can teach him these simple lessons at a younger age.

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