“Paddy fields change colour with the seasons. Humans are also like that!”

“Endless colour shades describe our mind”

“When mind oscillates as a pendulum to-and-fro in between two fixed points, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’,
Though it achieves stability for a moment at both peak points
It’s in confused state and keeps dragging in all points in between
And the uncertainty goes repeating in loop 🔥🔥😌😌”
“Mind is working like multi-threads in action”
“We can believe more in words than people and human minds….”
“Mind games are beautiful if they have a riddle to solve”
My mind has reached a muted mode though my thoughts are not”
“Now my mind desires to go back and take those dreams along with me, which I left in middle”
“Everyone is busy decoding other people’s mind
But never try to read their own minds fully”
“Mind is always a traveler in action.
Can’t say when it starts a new ride through unknown paths,
Stop it in middle or set out to find meaning of new journeys.
It never rests.
After finding something new, its quest only increase to conquer new paths.”
“I am a deep blue ocean, so deep and intense
Only 1% of my self and emotions are visible
Like outer surface of seas
Which itself has 1000 tales to ponder.
Beneath it lies my reality
Only underwater currents can measure.”
“When they silently observe someone without noises, the other person has no idea what’s going on in our mind”
“When mind is Ok, it heals heart and all its pains, because we manage to think in the right direction.
If only mind is not OK, it can invite all sorts of troubles without any reason.”
“Every human mind hold some unsolved puzzles and strayed thoughts”
“Mind is like falling autumn leaves
When it changes mood, goes depressed,
No one can predict🍁🍁”
Our mind is something like a black hole sometimes…. No one can guess what’s going on inside…. All thoughts formed are deeply absorbed too!!”
“Same visuals create different thoughts in different minds & we see only what we choose to see”
“To understand a human mind is the most complex task of the world. If two people succeed in mutually doing it perfect, it’s a wonder. Give love a little bit time to build, because good bonding takes some time”
“To create spaces for understanding – One of the most complex tasks of the world.
Very often when we create spaces for ours, it interferes with others, causing conflicts, because two human’s thoughts never match. So we need to take into account, others’ thoughts, spaces & actions”

“Only a few can influence human minds like this.

We may not be of same age, never met or talked, not even speak same language.
But wherever they go they leave a mark, make others smile,
Deeply inspire & at last leave giving tears to everyone around”
We paint memories on our mind wall as layers with an artistic touch”
Most of us are insecure about something, may keep worrying full time or occasionally. May be relationships, professional career, fame or money. After all, we all are humans. Only thing is we need to train our mind to deal with our insecurities. Then it’s OK”
Mind oscillates to-and-fro between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ like a pendulum in varying paces based on external forces, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. So unpredictable!!”
It’s very easy to say, accept the circumstances, but practically impossible to implement unless our mind is convinced & prepared to deal with it. When our mind is forced to do something not acceptable, then how can we say, don’t take personally, don’t complain & give your best!!”
Very often we fail to understand endings & keep waiting for a miracle. And it takes years to realize, it ended long back!! It’s because mind hesitates to accept reality & remains in illusion for long”
Most of us are restless with wandering minds
And countless question marks which never get answers”
“Like blue skies
Human minds also change colour shades very often”
“Mind is a traveller who keeps his journey non-stop. He travels through paths never traversed before, and is restless. His mind is always in thoughts, how to conquer new paths🤗🤗”
“We can’t make fool of everyone for a long period,
Not even our own mind”
“There are many opportunities where the belief of the mind or trusting yourself helps you to reach its goal. The mind just needs to wake up and act on it.”
“If there is no one to read your mind,
Read by yourself. That’s all!!”
“Mind is always a flying bird with multi-coloured feathers
It’s only our insecurity and negative thoughts which cage it”
“The moment your mind get trapped in the illusion, a strange feel of being your mind exposed to the whole world all of a sudden, there is no other option left except to keep laughing without a gap. You are happy or sad, it doesn’t matter at all. You just feel to prove, ‘Nothing really happened'” #Meera 💕💕💜💜
Mind is like a marshy land. Problems are like feet, accidentally slip into it. If you manage to take the feet back as soon as you slip into it, the wetland restores to previous state. But if you try to fix your feet there, you will be drowned”
Sometimes I terribly fail to read my mind”
Long since, mind fails to distinguish between far and near”
“Mind limited to new meanings”
Closeness of minds (hearts) is not measured with time, but with moments”❣️❣️
“It’s one of the worst stages of mind where it can’t respond to events happening around, both sad and happiness, figure out the reasons ‘why’ and confused in thoughts, “Am I happy?”, “Am I sad?”, “Why am I not happy?”, “Why am I not sad?” like others or as I was before♾♾”
“Mind at a stage willing to go the way it feels…
Like a balloon, where air takes 🎈🎈
Mind and its thoughts,
Like scattered clouds in sky, fully out of order
When will I arrange and put them right?”
“When you loss more than what you expected
Your mind reaches an acceptance level
Where you can loss anything”
“Human mind is like cold winter where mist appears and hides unpredictably, hiding many things behind. It never comes in grip of anyone 😝😝”

“When you have no idea of what’s going on in someone’s mind, you should never give an opinion”

“If someone ask you, what’s in your mind,
Can you tell everything? Explain everything?
To read each human mind
We need to discover a new language which has never been used before😁😁”
“It’s good to keep open the windows of mind occasionally”
“Sometimes a rainbow,
Sometimes a night sky without stars,
Mind has its own defined infinite shades”
“Human mind is like a picture drawn using thousands of colours
Just like shades on canvas change,
Human character and behavior also change from one person to another💕🤗”
“Every human mind hold some unsolved puzzles and strayed thoughts”
“When you can’t find anyone to read your mind,
Read it yourself.
No one else can read you,
Better than you”
“It’s good to keep the windows of mind open for a while…. sometimes🦋🦋”
“Mind keeps wandering restless like a bird without a shelter, until it finds all the answers it wants”
“When your mind itself is confused and tangled, how can you expect someone else, less aware of situations, can understand you better or help you to get out of the difficult situation? Most probably they will confuse you further or tag you as weird, if you are not willing to agree to their opinion”
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