Malabari Fried Cone

cone filling

Ingredients for Malabari Fried Cone:

1. Maida – 1 cup

2. Refined oil – 2 small spoons

3. Salt and water – As required

4. Oil – For frying

How to prepare Malabari Fried Cone?

1. Add oil to maida, followed by salt and water.

2. Knead the dough and allow to rest for half an hour.

3. Spread a little maida or flour on a plain surface and spread the dough thin.

4. Cut them into lengthy pieces with ¼ inch (like ribbons).

5. Take 6 aluminium cones and grease its outer surface.

6. From the pointed edge towards the outer edge, wrap it using maida ribbon pieces in circular pattern. Aluminium should not be visible from outside.

7. Heat oil in a pan enough to completely immerse the cones.

8. Fry 2 or 3 cones at a time. Using a spatula make sure that all sides are fried evenly.

9. When it’s well fried, cone shape separates from aluminium.

10. When cone turns golden brown take it from oil.

11. In case cones fail to separate from aluminium, extract it from oil as such and allow it to cool.

12. Manually you can separate the cone. But never break the cone.

13. When it cools, you can store in air tight containers.

14. When you want to prepare some snack, you can use this cone.

15. Fill it with some filling of your choice and enjoy.

16. You can use samosa or sandwich filling, and also scrapped coconut with sugar if you want a sweet cone.

Note: You can purchase aluminium cones from shops.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine August 1-14, 2015 


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