Make cycling a habit and know its benefits

Bicycle – earlier it was an integral part of common man’s life, and was seen in every home as the companion of kids or adults. But now preference is given to bicycles and cars in the busy schedule of everyone’s life. Has new generation gone far away from the cycle bells? Do you know the health protection given by cycle can’t be replaced by cars or bicycles? Go through these points. I am sure, you will surely make it your companion to go to school to enjoy cycling and make friendship with it. You can save your bus fare or petrol cost too.

Cycling benefits

1. When we are cycling our metabolic activities increase and hormones present help to regain balance of our body.

2. If you use cycle regularly, you can control diabetics and heart problems up to a limit.

3. Cycling is a good aerobic exercise. It gives benefits to heart, blood vessels and lungs.

4. It adds stamina to our body thus help us to do our daily activities without tiredness.

5. It reduces obesity too. According to reports, cycling reduces chances of diabetics up to 50% if you do it as an exercise on a regular basis.

6. It catalyzes defense mechanism of our body; thus reduces the chances of dreadful diseases like cancer.

7. Since this exercise can be done without giving extra pressure to legs it’s best for persons having joint pain and similar diseases.

8. Cycling reduces tensions of teenage girls during periods.

9. Cycling strengthens muscles and adds extra beauty to your body and mind.

Cycling to earn fitness

Cycling helps us to attain and retain body fitness. While using cycle as fitness machine in health clubs, take care of these points.

1. While doing cycling avoid taking extra strain. Adjust seat and handle giving less strain to your body.

2. Do cycling in moderate speed, not too speed or not too slow.

3. Complete cycling in uniform speed.

4. If you feel discomfort while doing this exercise, stop for a while and take rest. If you feel ok, you can continue it after a short while.

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