Let us practice to control mind – A few easy tricks to control intolerance

Intolerance is seen a sudden heap among us in the recent times. If linked with current affairs and politics, intolerance has made big headlines in the recent times. But let us leave all those facts. It can’t be ignored that intolerance can create a lot of daily life problems. Let us follow a few practices to stay away from its problems. Through this column I shall provide you a few simple tricks to achieve it easily. You can also read: 10 simple tips to let go your anger.

Introduction – Let us have a self assessment 

A long queue at signaling, the moment which traffic light turns green, the whole atmosphere is filled by horns given by intolerant ‘drivers’. If the driver at the front row of the signal is less experienced, he may feel nervous which can lead to accidents if the situation is not properly handled. Many people are intolerant towards lady drivers and those who have passed their mid-ages.

If a patient at hospital takes a little more time for consultancy, intolerance peeps up in the rest patients of the queue. It may result in restless walks, peeping to doctor’s door without permission, complain to nurse etc, at least in a few cases. This ‘disciple’ in a hospital may affect the privacy of a patient, but many people ignore this fact. Many those people who have supreme power due to money or positions they handle are seen restless very often, who totally ignore the mental status of other people who they disturb. In many cases, it may be their own mental status, problems and inability of handle a situation which creates problems of intolerance.

A traveller or driver who takes with ease the horns in a busy traffic and a patient who sits patiently in the OP of a clinic has mental health and self-control, no doubt. Low frustration tolerance is the real villain who creates these problems. Nowadays with the hasty work style and busy schedules, it has become a part of everyone’s life. Correction of this disorder is self-identification. If you are able to control yourself through correction, a few others may need counseling. Some others may need to take medicines and undergo behavioral therapy.    

Who is the real villain?

Sometimes reasons behind intolerance may be very simple. But in some extreme cases, reasons may be not so simple ignore. It’s not easy to recognize those facts. Adult ADHD and depression could be two reasons.

Adult ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyper Active disorder most common in children if not treated during early days, you can carry this condition to your adult stage as well. This defect is reflected as carelessness and loss of patience in children, when they turn old, it may slowly convert to anger and intolerance in most cases. It should be seen through Psychological angle, detected and cured as early as possible.

Depression – Are you a person who faces a lot of problems at home and office? Are you able to tolerate its pressure? If not, you are slowly moving towards the mental status of depression. It can change you to a whole new person, who reacts easily and explodes even to silly matters and cry easily as well. Problems in marriage life, serious disease conditions to kids, financial problems, problems at work place – the tensions to lead you to depression are many. If you are a person who are tensed and can’t handle situations easily can seek the help of a psychiatrist who gives you easy paths to face problems and withstand them. In most cases, it’s not easy to identify depressions, which start off with silly problems.

Personality disorders could be one reason

Personality disorders such as Impulsive personality, Borderline personality and Anti-social personality can lead to bad behavior, impatience, lack of discipline and intolerance. Imbalance in mental status, and mood swings are common characteristic of these three. Those persons who do actions without thinking about consequences may have Impulsive personality. Emotions are intense in Borderline personality. They show emotions of love and hate with great intense, and they may fail in sustaining long relationships. They may take some risky steps like suicide, making wounds themselves, restlessness and even attach others. Anti-social personality takes steps breaking social laws. They may not hesitate to do activities such as throwing stone at buses and trains or mixing waste in water tank. They may revenge also.

Strict personalities – As they are strict, they create problems wherever they go. In short, their behavior is similar to military discipline. They may explode if things won’t happen as they desire, and they can take any intense steps. Though their strict personality can give them many personal benefits, they can’t easily mingle and interact with others in the society. They are intolerant towards those who are not smart and brilliant.

Excess use of drugs affects personality – Yes, excess use of drugs can lead to intolerance. In most recent times, we heard about an incident when a business typhoon attacked and killed the security guard for not opening the gate quick. This may be due to this reason. You may lose control if taken liquor in excess. You many have witnessed quarrels in your daily life, where drugs act as main villain.

Let’s control the tides of emotions

It’s not easy to control our emotions 100%. It’s quite human. But when it goes out of control, they are tagged as behavioral problems or defects. The defect may surface different in different personalities. Listening to music, meditation & prayer, exercises etc are some of the easy methods to control our emotions. In its worst condition, it may lead to counseling, medicines and even behavioral therapy. It’s always a better choice to know the methods to control emotions and make it practical. If our behavior affects people around us, let us identify, ‘there is a correction required’, and strive towards it.

Treatment for mental health

A few people are over-confident who feels pride of their achievements. They may be a slave to bipolar disorder. He feels that people around him should respect him always. If he doesn’t receive what he expects from others, he may turn intolerant. Such people, who reached maniac stage, may even argue with police and law makers. Such persons definitely need an expert’s attention.

Let us practise meditation in solitude

Meditation is a quick solution to many of our daily problems related to mental issues, loss of temper etc. If seen as a daily activity and done on regular basis, it keeps us relaxed, tolerant and provides good mental health too. You can go through these primitive steps while meditating.

1. For starters, 3 to 5 minutes of meditation is sufficient.

2. Try to find time for meditation every day. You need to choose a peaceful atmosphere and relaxed time to do meditation.

3. Brahma Muhurat – The time before dawn break is best for meditation.

4. Never take food before meditation. If so, it can give adverse effects.

5. It’s not necessary that you should sit in ground to meditate. You can use chair or even your bed. You need to sit relaxed; that’s most important.

6. Praying is also a form of meditation. While you meditate, always stand erect and never bend your back bone.

7. Though agarbattis or candles have nothing to do with meditation, they provide a refreshing atmosphere for you to meditate.

8. Meditation is not a procedure to be done for a short period. You should make it an integral part of your life style and enjoy the benefits.  

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