Interior Special – 100+ Excellent Storage Solutions For Your Home

Earlier I have added a few posts on improving storage spaces in home, as well as to make rooms appear spacious. Go towards the end of the article to get a view of those posts. In this post I shall provide 50+ excellent storage solutions for your home.

When you start feeling that there is no sufficient space to pack and store things in your home, then remember now it’s time to go for ‘Smart Storage’. Things can be categorized as most needed, occasionally needed and wanted for future use only, and arranged in storage spaces and wardrobes. But smart storage is not in building such large spaces for storage, but to store minimum quantity of things effectively so that you get easy access to them according to your need.

While preparing storage spaces, it’s a wise decision to use A-B-C-D procedure, where things are categorized according to their importance. Things of daily usage can be categorized as ‘A’, used once in a week or month as ‘B’, once in seasons as ‘C’ and rarely used items under ‘D’. Now you can effectively design storage spaces for each. Things under ‘A’ should be placed at eye level and open spaces so that you can handle them effectively. ‘B’ level should be arranged where you can reach by hands or at hand level, and ‘C’ Level things can be placed at a little height. A ladder can be used to access things placed in ‘D’ level.

Now let us begin. First let us find space for storage.


1. Sit-outs built near to car porch can also be used for effective storage spaces. Construct slabs so that they can be used as seats, and beneath the slabs build shelves. In one row you can place shoes, shoe polishing, car cleaning brush, liquid, tools etc. If shelves have sufficient height and are of less width, you can put sandals here.

2. Make a lengthy box which fits best to sit out or foyer (lobby). Also place a lid that can be opened from the upper side. You can safely place sandals and shoes inside it. If you can fix cushions on its tops, they provide you some good seats.

3. If PVC pipes are left after construction of home, they can be used to make an excellent shoe rack. Cut each one in 6-inch or 7-inch pieces (size of a sandal), all in equal length and using a pipe glue fix on the outer wall of the home. You can fix them in any desirable shapes according to your creativity. Your shoe rack is ready.

4. You can fix a rack with hooks in the wall of foyer. It’s best alternative for shoe rack.

5. If you fix a chester in the corridors and foyers of flats. It beautifies your corridor, and provides an excellent storage space for keys, umbrella etc.

Living room

1. To make your interior neat and tidy, you can provide provisions for storage in furniture itself. You can fix drawers beneath sofa and Divancoat. Cupboards can be arranged in floating method so that they never touch the ground. If so cleaning process is easy. Also such drawers will be less attacked by insects and moisture. You can also fix shelves on the walls so that floor spaces are not used.

2. Using binder clips, you can place chargers of both mobiles and laptops together. They also get the best storage spaces.

3. Make round shaped tea pow for your living rooms which can be opened from upper side. It forms a box like structure, where you can store CDs, albums etc.

4. If you make coffee table as a rectangle box using wood or metal with some decorations, you can place TV remote and similar things inside it. They won’t be visible outside and easily accessible too.

5. In the corner table of L-shape sofa settee, you can find storage space. Similarly you can find storage space in all furniture of your living room. Pull-outs can be given beneath the space of sofas where toys of children and tools can be kept.

6. The wall which separates living room and dining hall can be used as a storage space. The wall facing living room can be used as library while the other side can be used to place crockery.

7. If an arch is constructed to separate living room and dining hall, curios can be placed on either side of the wall. Separate spaces can be provided for that. Similarly you can set such spaces above the doors leading to dining halls.

8. You can fix hook stands in L-shape in the corners of living room, so that you can hang helmet, raincoat, umbrella, jacket etc. You can also fix beautiful holders behind doors.

9. If TV is fixed on wall, build a cupboard covering it, where you can place cable, set top box, newspapers etc.

Dining room

1. If your dining space is small, use a small dining table. In the lengthy sides, you can put two benches with fixed cushions. Beneath the bench you can provide storage spaces. On the other two sides, put two chairs.

2. You can fix pull out drawers on either side of the dining table, where you can place utensils, spoons, tissue papers, plates, towel, salt & pepper, pickles etc. You can put stools instead of chairs, and provide storage spaces beneath.

3. If the table is small, you can use round tray with stand (similar to clock stand) to place glass, salt & pepper, small spoons etc. You can save a lot of space needed for separate stands.


1. Dressing area can be provided between bathroom and bedroom and wardrobes can also be constructed here. If so you won’t put too many clothes on bed. If bedroom is small it looks spacious and saves space too.

2. You can provide sitting spaces near windows to avoid balconies. You can beautify such spaces with cushions and provide storage spaces beneath, where you can place blankets and pillow covers.

3. Fix head rest in beds, and pull-out drawers on either side. In the upper drawer you can place mobile charger, medicines, magazines, books etc. At the extreme end of the bed, set one bench or two stools to provide a storage space where less used blankets and cushions can be stored. Beneath your bed too, you can provide drawers on either side to place dress, toys, pillows, cushions, covers etc.

4. If you purchase multi-functional furniture, it can be used as storage space if needed. Otherwise you can use it as bed. If you have purchased a liftable bed with interior storage space, you can keep blankets, cushions, pillow sheets, pillows etc. It’s always wise to store things in the respective rooms where they are needed. If so you need not search here and there to find them.

5. If your bed is without storage space, you can purchase three plastic boxes with wheels. You can fill things inside it and place beneath the bed.

6. You can construct lofts in bedrooms itself. Just reduce the height of bathrooms and build storage spaces which touch ceiling. It’s an excellent storage space where you can store a lot of things, not most frequently needed. You can also build shelves resembling ladders near to it. This space can be used as a ladder to the loft and also as storage spaces.

7. In big wardrobes, try to store clothes up to 6 feet height only. The upper region can be used to store less frequently used things, clothes, pillows, blankets, travel bags and other accessories, sweaters etc. Separate fittings are readily available in market, which provide provisions to place sari, tie, towels, pants etc.

8. You can provide hooks in the inner side of doors of wardrobes, where you can hang ties, umbrellas, bag, belt etc. Inner wears, towels and socks can be separately placed in bamboo baskets or plastic trays. If you use separate trays to put each item, then it’s easy to take it out. You can also fix steel bars in one cupboard of the wardrobe to hang clothes, shawls, pants etc.

9. A steel rod inside the wardrobe with hooks is sufficient to hang pants. You can also hang used cloth inside wardrobe with the help of hangers if hooks are provided. Such doors should be given louvers to get proper air circulation.

10. You can fix a big magnet inside your wardrobe where you can store safety pins, hair pins etc.

11. Place a basket near dressing table to store creams, perfumes etc. In shoe boxes, you can place egg cartons and beautify it. You can put your ear rings inside it. A key holder on the wall is enough to hang chains. In a single glance you can take all your essential accessories.

12. You can set rings similar to those used in shower curtains in a hanger, where you can hang your shawls and tops. You can also tie stoles in hangers.

13. Corridor constructions leading towards bedroom can take a lot of space. You can make small shelves on the walls of such corridors or passages to rooms to place curios, books etc. 


1. In the living room of upper floor, you can set your library. You can fix racks on walls or use cupboards to store books. Open racks are trendy. But the books can easily attacked by dust and dirt. If needed you can provide racks with glass doors.

2. Area beneath staircase can also be used as a library. Side walls can be used to set shelves for books. A small table and chair is sufficient for one person to use. If the area is spacious put a sofa near to the wall, and set light also. If so you can read and also take a nap occasionally.

3. If it’s a single storey, extend your balcony a little more to provide space for library. It’s an excellent space for family get together too.

4. In the balcony, instead of hand rails you can build cupboards at half height. If so books can be placed there. The remaining space can be set for living area.

5. You can build book case near to staircase which starts from ground floor and reaches the upper floor. Steps leading towards the upper floor can be constructed in such a way that ladder is not needed to take books from upper shelves.

6. Old doors of almarahs can be used to make shelves for your new library.

Kid’s room

1. In the corners of kids’ room, you can arrange seats in that shape. Kids can use it as reading space, and beneath those seats you can provide storage too. Make a box using plywood or wood and paint it using a colour which suits the room. Fix a beautiful cushion on its top and place near window. Inside the box, kids can store their books and toys.

2. As kids use small beds, make them as boxes. You can make storage boxes made of cardboard, plastic or metal and place them beneath bed, where kids can store their toys, books and stationary. Bed can be set on its top. Above the bed, a net can be fixed between two corners so that kids can place their toys. It should not be too high.

3. Inbuilt cupboards are best for kids’ room where they can place their books, toys, bags and accessories consuming less space only. Such doors if built using materials that can be used as drawing board, it could be a nice choice.

4. Cartons which you get through purchases can be given to kids to store their accessories separately. Beautiful baskets can be used to store toys.

5. Craft store can be made on walls using waste wooden pieces. A whitewash is sufficient to convert it to a kids’ library.

6. If you build bunk bed, make steps to climb to the upper bed, and each step can be constructed as a drawer.


1. In small toilets, above the flush tank you can provide storage space by building cupboard covering the tank. Take note of the width of flush tank, and in the cupboard you can provide space for towels, shampoo, soap, conditioners, oil etc. To reduce cost, build a frame and build three open racks.

2. You can fix long steel hooks and hang plastic baskets where you can place shampoo, oil etc.

3. The wall separating wash room and toilet can be designed for a storage space. Do flooring on each rack, and fix tiles so that they are washable.

4. In the dry area of bathroom you can provide a stand with colour matching the wall. You can place a few curios here. Things needed for cleaning can be separately placed in a plastic tray.

5. You can provide storage space in the walls of wash area and bathroom.  Lotions used for cleaning bathroom, brushes, towels etc can be placed here. The room remains clean and tidy. You can also fix a steel rod to hang shower gel, face wash, shampoo etc.

6. You can set cupboards on the sides of bathtub, which can be opened likewise. You can place shower gel, soap, shampoo etc in this space, and can be taken while sitting in bath tub itself. 

7. Use glass shelves on walls instead of separate ones to save space.  


1. Staircases are excellent spaces for storage if utilized properly. Each step canbe used as a drawer to store essentials. Landing top of staircase can be used as a storage space that can be opened by pulling upwards.

2. When the area beneath staircase is used as a storage space, you can set different troll units which can be pulled out. If so you get lot of space to store things.

3. Loft space beneath the roof can be used as a storage space, if you give enough care in the construction stage. Less used items can be stored here, and is best suited for small homes and flats.

4. Folding iron table can be set beneath staircase. Find a space to place iron box also.

5. You can also design a music space beneath staircase or crockery showcase. 


1. In the pull-out drawers of kitchen cabinet, you can fix hooks so that you can hang spoons. You can fix steel rods so that you can hang cookers, pans, tawas etc. It’s easy to take also.

2. Corner cabinets of kitchen cupboards can be made in spiral shaped pull outs. Things can be easily taken from the cabinet.

3. Old doors can be changed to cupboards. Fix different steel racks and wheels beneath, and keep it in a corner of kitchen. You can store oil, jam, ghee, tin food etc here.

4. Small almarahs can be constructed in in-built method and provide racks in doors also. Small bottles can be kept here. Lids of cans and bottles can be kept together in a single basket. It saves a lot of time needed for searching.

5. If your kitchen has good width, put a table in the middle and build a lot of trays too. You can store spoons, forks, towels etc here. It’s also a good space for family members to have meals or feed younger kids while mother is busy in kitchen. If mother is a working woman, she can use this table as her workspace to place her files, laptop, papers etc. It’s also a nice place to chop vegetables or do similar kitchen works. If granite is used for its top, it’s easy to clean. Steel racks are less expensive than cupboards, and you can also store utensils there.

6. Knife hole can be provided in kitchen slabs. Pre-decide the space used to chop vegetables, and make a big hole. A cupboard set beneath it can be used to place waste bin. If so after chopping vegetables, waste can be directly drawn through the hole to the waste bin/basket. You can fix peddles in the door of cupboard and fix waste basket inside it. If so, waste can be easily put inside it by opening the door. Waste bin is well hidden from visibility too. It also saves space to place a waste bin in the kitchen.

7. A tray can be fixed above kitchen sink which can be used to drain water from washed plates and other utensils. When they dry you can transfer them to drawers or other storage spaces. It’s also a nice idea to fix a utensil stand just above the sink, so that water falls directly to sink. A steel bar can be fixed above kitchen sink so that spoons, small spatulas, forks etc can be hung in different holders.

8. Instead of cupboards you can buy iron shelves with many racks at a low cost.  Screw thick cardboard on either side to make a good storage space. You can also paint the cardboard to beautify it. You can also pin recipes and grocery purchase list in the cardboard cover easily.

9. The space above refrigerator can be converted to storage space. Soda maker, sandwich maker and bottles can be stored here. Place table runner above refrigerator and fix cloth pockets on either side. You can store aluminium foil and plastic wraps here.

10. In most cases, slab near sink is used to place scrub and dish washers. Instead you can fix a clamp above the pipe and place a tray here. If so space near the slab can be saved for other purposes, and is easy to clean sink also. In the cupboard door beneath sink, fix a holder where you can place glows, scrubs etc.

11. Counter tops can also extended to provide dining area, if you don’t have sufficient space for separate dining room. Folding tables could be the best option. Wooden trays can also be fitted beneath counter tops that can be used as study tables. You can pull them out only when necessary. 

Secret Space

1. Precious things like ornaments and money are usually stored in lockers of almarahs. During construction phase itself, you can build such secret spaces which are not visible from outside. If a storage space with the model of a switch board is built with provisions to lock it, it’s an excellent hiding space for valuable things. An outsider cannot easily identify it to be a locker.

2. Build small cupboards on walls. You can hang small pictures or posters to cover it. Its doors can also be designed similar to wall paints so that a visitor may identify it to be a picture only.

3. Secret storage spaces can be built where clocks are provided as doors.

4. If you have brought an already constructed house, you can make a book resembling a book and store your ornaments to be placed inside the library.

Medicine storage

1. One rack can be reserved in bedroom or dining area to keep medicines. It’s always wise to keep medicines of each member in separate containers. Also stick their names to identify easily. Medical reports and prescriptions can also be stored along with it in separate files.

2. Never use cupboards used to store clothes for this purpose. Also choose racks far away from kids’ reach. You can also use a part of space beneath staircase for this purpose.

3. It’s a nice decision to construct space for medicines while building the house. If the space is convenient for all members of the family, apart from medicine you can also keep ear buds, pain relief balms etc common to all.

4. Fix two racks on walls and place a bamboo or plastic tray in between, where you can place medicines. You should also provide first aid kit. If hooks are provided beneath, you can also hang keys, umbrellas, bag, belt etc. The space above the tray (upper part of the rack) can be used to store a few favourite books or to place decorative items.

5. A corner in the dining area can be used to provide medicine storage space. Place a cupboard there and store medicines and first aid box.

Laundry space

1. Store rooms of old houses can be used to wash clothes and to iron them. Store soap, detergent, brush, iron box etc can be stored in that space. If you clean the racks of store houses, you can categorize clothes as ironed and non-ironed ones. After ironing you can take clothes from store house to wardrobes.

2. Choose baskets with wheels to keep dirty clothes. If so you can take that basket easily to rooms to collect clothes.

3. Laundry basket can be placed near to washing machine in the work area. You can also design cupboards as pull out hampers. By doing so, soiled clothes can be hidden from visitors easily.

4. You can use machine bags to wash socks and undergarments. If so you won’t lose pairs.

5. Fix two hooks behind the door of bedroom and hang a laundry bag there. You can do so in every bedroom.

Pegboard/Mesh board

1. Pegboards help to store things on walls without losing floor space. You can fix clamps, hooks and steel bars in them or place cups or trays to store things. Small racks can also be built.

2. Use pegboards in the study room of kids. It’s best to place things for craft work such as chart paper, scissors and other stationary items. A cup can be used to put colour pencils, sketch pen etc. They can also display their pictures in pegboards.

3. Pegboard can be fixed on either side of cupboard in the bedroom to store bangles, chains, hairband etc.

4. In the office rooms pegboard can be fixed with folders to store files, tape, scissors, pen etc.

5. A mesh board in car porch is enough to store tools.

6. Pegboard can be fixed on a side of dining table, where you can provide towels to clean the table, napkins, spoons etc.

7. Pegboard in the kitchen is an easy option to store cutting board and scissors. Also things to be taken at once can be stored together too.

8. Fix pegboards inside wardrobe and also a few clamps to hang bag, stole, bangles, chains, tie etc.

9. It’s an excellent choice to place a pegboard above the wash basin where you can provide toothpaste, toothbrush, scissors, shaving set etc. You can also place cups inside to store things separately.

10. Pegboard near dressing table can be used to store lipstick, comb, hair clips, hair pins, perfumes etc.

Exterior storage

1. You can build a bench in your courtyard or terrace. You can also provide a space for storage beneath it, where you can keep things. Inbuilt sitting areas can be built in the inner walls near to garden. Gardening equipment can be stored beneath such spaces, if suitable storage areas are built.

2. Build a toll unit in the wall of work area, where you can place your broom, vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment. You can hang such units there. Place a basket inside, where you can put plastic covers. Buy a few strong boxes of same dimensions and place one above the other. You can use them to store things.

3. Inbuilt almarahs can be provided in the work areas during construction phase. If so you can place brooms, cleaning brushes, lotions and tools here. It’s more economic and convenient too.

4. In small houses ladders can be built, and using wooden pieces build racks. You can convert this space for gardening. In flats, hang hanging planter basket in the hand rail of balcony and plant your favourite plants here. You won’t lose space.

5. If there is a staircase outside the house, you can use this space to store plastic waste and decaying waste separately. You can also build cupboard using Ferro cement, where you can keep tools for gardening and cleaning, hoses etc.

6. A garage can be built close to outer wall, where you can keep cycles for kids, pump, tools etc.

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