How can we tackle stress and mental pressure? Here are a few simple methods

In the busy life style and tight schedules, we often forget to live ourselves. We can’t find enough time to relieve ourselves. Even while we can’t find enough time to have three meals at the correct time, we feed at least four meals of tensions to our mind every day. Apart from work pressure, family issues, diseases of dear ones, responsibilities at home etc take lion share of available time. The result is mental pressure, strain and tensions. It was not common 25 years ago. But things have changed a lot in the competitive world today. It we truly believe that we can, we can dissolve most of our tensions and stress like melting ice. How can we keep ourselves calm, and keep mental pressure at bay? How can we tackle stress? Here I suggest a few tricks. Also read: 1 minute – Take a breath and relax.

1. Eat healthy food at the correct time. Good food, provided at the right intervals can give solution tomany of your mental problems. Also, sleep at right time. Assure that you get 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Good food and sound sleep can help you relax, and solve many of mental struggles you face every day.

2. Find time to do yoga or exercise every day. Meditation / Prayer is also fine. It provides both physical and mental health.

3. Never work continuously. Instead take short breaks and go for a walk, listen to music or involve yourself in some recreation activity. It refreshes brain and lessens mental strain.

4. A few have put on the habit to worry on simple things. Instead compare your problems with those around you. Depressions and mind upset for small sorrows and difficulties can be solved this way.

5. Find time to visit orphanages, old age homes, people suffering from diseases etc, and provide with some help if you can. It not only helps you to change the perspectives towards your life problems, but also gives a mental happiness if you are able to share others’ problems with you or help them.

6. If you are at home, you can bath using lukewarm water occasionally. It gives relief to nerves and nervous system and keep you relaxed.

7. Tear is a natural ailment to many of our sorrows, mental problems etc. So flush out your sorrows through tears instead of keeping them in the storage cells of your mind and body.

8. Never waste a single moment or opportunity which you get to laugh. Arrange get-togethers of your friends and dear ones occasionally and relax yourselves. Always keep positive relations close to your heart, and never lose them.

9. Instead of burying every sorrow inside your mind, open it before your close friend or relative or anyone close to your heart. Sometimes, he may be able to find a reliable solution to the problem which troubles you deep in your heart. When you approach a problem emotionally, he may choose some practical path to solve it.

10. Take a break from daily routine once in a while. Take a trip/walk with your partner, go for a cinema, a dinner outside or visit to your friend’s home – all of them give you mental happiness. You can also stand in front of a mirror,and talk to it like a friend. You feel relieved.

11. You can travel to past through some of the nice memories, and also feel proud of yourselves how you overcame a difficult situation of your life. Leave behind bad memories and failures, and carry forward with you the positives only.

12. You should be able to admire yourself. Otherwise you can’t expect the same from others. Even while at home, give importance to personal care, do makeup and stand before mirror. You can put on your favourite costumes, makeup, perfumes etc and admire yourself. Smiling face is always better than a boring face – keep this thought in mind always.

13. Read inspirational books and quotes. You can also visit holy places, worship god of your choice etc. You can also find your own relaxing means to get rid of stressed mind, when troubling thoughts affect you. To keep away from problem is one of the best methods to solve it. Very often problems are not so huge as we believe to be, they are only our thoughts which drive us. 

14. Reduce the intake of caffeine containing food items like coffee, chocolates etc.

15. Never allow problems to conquer you. Instead resist them in whatever way you can. Also keep troubling persons and persons with negative approach away from you. Such people can ruin the beauty and peace of a whole day through their silly remarks. It’s always better to stay away from these people.

16. You can put a time schedule and complete tasks according to it. Also give enough time in the timetable for relaxation, fun, reading etc. Make a time table which you can carry forward without tensions and haste.

17. Interpret each issue with a calm mind taking your own time. Half of the issue is already solved, and in most cases, falsely interpreting issues increases your blood pressure and tension, isn’t it? If you stay calm, you reach some kind of feasible solution easily.

18. You can also write down your thoughts. Whatever you feel, write it down. Write down different phases of mental pressure, and how you have gone through those phases. You can read those written things once, and try to find solutions from it. 

19. For a particular issue or problem of yours, assume it to be your friend’s issue. What advice will you give to your friend, if he goes through same situation and mood? Yes, very often, we can advice our friends easily, not ourselves. If we see our mind as our friend, we can find solutions to many troubling thoughts of mind – our best friend. 

20. You can think over a issue many times, travelling through different paths. But if you reach at the same starting point, it means that you can’t solve it yourself. Divert your thoughts to something else, instead of worrying about the same thing over and over. 

21. You can also recollect similar situations or bad phases which happened in your life earlier, and the methods you adopted to solve it. If those ideas are relevant for the present situation, give it a try than giving up easily. Only you know what can change your mood, not any other person, and try to find those happy moments.

22. Remember, when you are in tension, level of adrenaline hormone is very high. Exercise is the best method to reduce its level. You can walk a little bit and do some stretching exercises to do warm up. Then do some mild exercise to keep yourself relaxed. Endorphin hormone which gives positive changes are produced as the end result of exercises. 

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Today’s problems and troubles may just be a foreteller of future’s fortune. Time doesn’t remain the same always. It changes, and so are the seasons. Every human has to go through different phases of life, and let us accept it first. Definitely a shiny tomorrow is waiting for me – Fill your mind with positiveness to keep yourself relaxed and free of problems.

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