Hindi Music Videos Featuring Popular Bollywood Stars

There was a glorious era in Hindi private album sector, nicknamed as Indipop, say mid 1990s – mid 2000s, where many budding talents in the field of music exhibited their piece of work through private albums and music industry. Bollywood was already an established industry then and it was not easy for all artists to set a foot inside it. Private albums & music videos provided an alternative path, and I should say, many successful models of 1990s and early 2000s who appeared in such music videos later got easy access paths to Bollywood. They were already familiar faces through ads and popular videos, and audience identified them easier. 

Through this gallery, I provide a list of 50 of such chartbuster hits starring Bollywood stars. Most of these videos belong to the initial stages of model & artists in the entertainment industry. If you want to get a detailed description of these music videos and artists, go through these three links. It’s a list of around 75 such forgotten songs a decade back, a few new hits have also been included. A kid of 1990s will definitely love it, I am pretty sure about that!

70+ Popular Music Videos Starring Bollywood Stars – Part 1

70+ Popular Music Videos Starring Bollywood Stars – Part 2

70+ Popular Music Videos Starring Bollywood Stars – Part 3

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  1. Tasnin says:

    Can you please tell me what is the name of the male cast in the music video O Piya O Piya Leke Doli Aa by Falguni Pathak, in her album Saawariyaan Teri Yaad Mein? I searched a lot, but could not find. Would greatly appreciate if you could tell me.

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