Hindi Medium – A fun ride with some cheer moments and a good social message

When Irrfan Khan plays the lead role in a film, we can expect many surprises in the store. Every time he brings some new elements in his acting skills, and that’s why he is tagged as a gifted and talented actor, and definitely he is! Hindi Medium emerged as the sleeper hit of the year, and it’s purely based on the strong script with some light moments, and breath taking performances by its lead and supporting cast. Definitely this low-budget film is one of the finest movies of 2017.

What’s Hindi Medium about?

Hindi movie is directed by Saket Chaudhary, who has earlier directed Pyaar Ke Side Effects and Shaadi Ke Side Effects. The movie is inspired from a hit 2014 Bengali film, Ramdhanu which has been remade to Malayalam titled, Salt Mango Tree. However the movie is entirely different from Ramdhanu, and takes a different path, and gives a great ride to audience as well. Though the plot starts similar to Ramdhanu, Hindi Medium is definitely a new story.

Hindi Medium – narrates the efforts and wrong paths taken by a rich couple to get admission for their daughter in an elite English medium school in the heart of city, though their poor English knowledge achieved through Hindi medium school causes hindrance to their dreams one after the other.

The film shines in terms of performances and brilliant script

Definitely a fresh idea in Hindi films, strong script and brilliant performances are definitely praise worth. Though the movie takes a few elements from the Bengali film, it gives many new things. Apart from a few light moments, some thought provoking moments take the movie to another level.

Irrfan Khan plays the role of a successful business and a dutiful husband, who gets tangled with his wife’s dreams. Though he doesn’t agree to many of her decisions, to see his wife’s happiness he adjusts to everything. From shifting home of his hometown to doing wrong acts for the admission of his daughter, he does everything to please his wife. His realistic acting is simply at its best, and plays a significant role in making the film a hit. He also wins audience’s heart through his excellence in comic timing.

Pakistani film and television actress Saba Qamar makes her Bollywood debut through English Medium, and she has also displayed some brilliant performance. Aside Irrfan Khan, one more actor deserves a loud applause for his heart touching performance. It’s none other than talented Deepak Dobriyal who has given some surprise performances early too. When you leave the theatre, Deepak Dobriyal as innocent Shyam will definitely stay in your hearts. Rest actors including Amrita Singh as school Principal and Tillotama Shome as snobbish education consultant also gave good performances.

The film tries to deliver a good social message

In a humour way, the film shows how the society is divided into classes based on social status, and how society blindly seeks to rely on high living standard, even working class believes that only top English medium schools can give good education for their children and how speaking in English has become a social status for Indian society. The massive colonial hangover in Indian culture is well expressed in film plot, and the movie gives a wonderful message to its audience – The main purpose of education is to make good human beings, and everyone will agree with it.

The best scene of Hindi Medium

I really loved the final combination scene of Deepak Dobriyal and Irrfan Khan in the school premises. I think, it’s the best scene of the movie. I also liked the moment – the hospital scene where Irffan Khan realizes that Shyam had risked his life intentionally, so that his friend gets enough money for school admission. Both the actors have delivered some brilliant performance in the hospital scene.

What I couldn’t figure out

The sudden change of colour of Amrita Singh similar to a chameleon is not well-convincing. Also, in the admission process, there were so many kids who couldn’t get school admission in the reservation class. Yet I can’t figure out why, the character of Irrfan believes that it’s his friend’s luck which he snatched away due to wrong reasons. Third one – There is one scene where school teacher asks Irffan to pay 25,000 for extracurricular activities to get school admission for his kid. At that time, Deepak’s character says, he has already given 8000 for his kid. I wonder why such an amount was asked to give by a poor worker before the admission process was done. Same is applicable to Irffan’s case too, why should a parent pay such an amount before admission of the child is confirmed.

My overall rating is 3.75 out of 5

There are definitely a few flaws and puzzles as well. Music composed by Sachin-Jigar is not so impressive as the film. Yet the movie shines in every department. For the script and performances with strong supporting cast, the film deserves more than 3.5, but not 4 out of 5. So I would like to settle down with 3.75. The movie is definitely a good watch for all parents and married couples who aspire great things for their kids.

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