Henna – From root to leaves has medicinal values

Henna is the hot favourite of Indian girls. Used as Mehndi, it’s deeply linked to Indian culture, and a marriage ceremony is incomplete without Mehndi. From giving colours to hands to beauty treatments, henna is quite popular as a beauty product. Henna is excellent for hair treatment, for better growth and prevents grey hair as well. Do you know it has several medicinal values as well? And here are a few.

1. Henna leaves, skin, flowers, seeds and roots – everything can be used for medicinal purposes. To get dark colour for hair and also nail colour, henna paste can be used. Apply on hair or nail, as you need.

2. Make a fine paste of henna flowers. Add 3 gms of this paste to rice starch and wash your head and hair. It’s a good remedy for insomnia and can control hair loss too.

3. Prepare hair oil adding crushed mehndi leaves and root. It you use it on a regular basis, your hair turns darker and it checks hair loss too.

4. Take a mixture of henna root, dried ginger, sesame seeds, 50 gm total and make kashayam adding 400 ml water. It should be reduced to 1/4th by boiling. Add 25 gm crystal salt to it. Serve it twice regularly to reduce menstrual disorders.

5. If mehndi plant is taken as such, make a fine paste and served with milk or as kashayam, it reduces jaundice significantly.

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