Dosa – In Seven Varieties

Dosa – a trademark south Indian dish. Ghee Dosa and masala dosa are popular among all, and dosa is mostly regarded as a vegetarian dish served with chutney or sambar. But now more than 100 varieties of dosa are served in different restaurants, and children too love dosa if they are served in a colourful way. In fact children can be tricked easily if dosas can be presented in different varieties. Different varieties of dosa improve the nutrition value, and are appreciated by those who hate daily routine of dosa-sambhar-chutney. I would like to present 7 simple ways to make 7 varieties of dosa with the same batter. 

Carrot-Tomato Dosa

1. Carrot-Beetroot Dosa:
Finely chop carrot, beetroot, onions and tomato, and spread it on the top of dosa while making. Children like this colourful dosa a lot.
2. Garlic-Egg Dosa:
Heat a pan, and add garlic, grated coconut, green chillies chopped and tamarind. Fry till brown colour and grind well in a mixer. Whip one egg and place aside. Spread batter in a dosa pan. Spread this egg on top, followed by the garlic-coconut paste. Then make dosa as usual.
3. Chutney Roast:
You can use both green chillies chutney and red chillies coconut chutney for this preparation. Just spread one layer of chutney on the top while making dosa.
4. Onion-Rava Dosa:
Prepare batter by adding salt and chopped onions to rava, and prepare dosa as usual. Use ghee for its preparation, instead of oil.
5. Ila Dosa (Leaf Dosa):
Add Muringa leaves, coconut scrapped, turmeric powder, asafetida, cumin seeds and chilli powder to the batter to make Ila Dosa. Also read, Yet another preparation of Muringa dosa.
6. Egg-Keema Dosa:
Cook 1 kg beef and mince it. Spread dosa batter on pan, and when one side is done, spread two eggs on the top of dosa. Spread salt and pepper powder on the top, and spread meat keema. Also add a little ghee on the top to prepare spicy Egg-Keema dosa.
7. Chicken Bulls-Eye Dosa:

Spread dosa batter, and add three eggs like bulls-eye. Spread the egg’s white on dosa. Add cooked and minced chicken on the top of the dosa. Sprinkle salt and pepper powder too. You can make Chicken Bulls-Eye Dosa more attractive by adding finely chopped carrot and beetroot pieces or slices.

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    In ernakulam there is one restaurent which serves more than 100 varities of dosa

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