Do you know who is the first female cop of Kerala?

Do you know who is the first female cop of Kerala? What was her uniform? If you go in search of its answer, you have to travel back 90 long years. It includes a series of adventurous stories too.

Women police was first recruited during the time of O.H. Bensley

Well administrated Kerala police was recruited first in the 19th century in the British India, in 1881 with O.H. Bensley (Oliver H Bensley) being the first Police Superintend. William H. Pitt became the first Commissioner in the year 1921. Restructuring of the entire system was done in 1939 and Inspector general post was also created. Women police was first recruited during the time of O.H. Bensley in the 1930s.

Women police were not allowed to marry during early days

When women became a part of Kerala police, they were not allowed to marry. That system was changed only in 1962 when K. R. Gauri Amma, who was then serving as state minister brought an amendment in laws, allowing cop women to get married.  

Kamalamma was the first female cop from Kerala

As per evidences, Kamalamma, a native of Kuzhithurai was Kerala’s first female cop. She became a part of Travancore police. Kuzhithurai is now a part of Kanya Kumari district of Tamil Nadu. M. Padmini Amma from Kangazha of Kottayam was the first female Sub-Inspector.

Trousers was the first uniform for female cops

Like male counterpart, first female uniform was trousers and shirt. Later uniform was changed to Off-white sari with green border and green blouse. But the problem with ‘sari’ uniform was that, including female culprits, it became a frequent sight to see them getting hold of police women’s saris to escape. So the uniform was changed again. Khaki pants and shirt were introduced to female police. They didn’t have to tuck shirt, but had to wear belt.

Time passed by, and so did many reformations in Kerala police. Police uniform has also seen so many changes over the time. Thus, like policemen, later Khaki pants and tucked shirt were introduced among female cops too.


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