Curd Chilli (Thairu Mulak)

Ingredients for Curd Chilli (Thairu Mulak):

1. Green chillies (used for making curd chilli) or any type as per your preference – As needed

2. Salt – As needed

    Thick curd – As required

3. Coconut oil – For frying

How to prepare Curd Chilli (Thairu Mulak)?

1. Using a tooth pick, prick the chillies here and there.

2. Mix curd and salt together.

3. Add chillies to the curd and stir well.

4. Dry the chillies under direct sun for a few days till moisture content is fully gone.

5. Store curd chillies in air-tight containers.

6. Deep fry in oil in medium flame, whenever needed.

My tip: While I prepare curd chillies, I blend salt and curd well in a mixer before use. The curd should fully immerse the chillies when you put for the first time. I keep it in a plastic container with closed lid overnight and dry under direct sun the next day morning. I use plastic sheets to dry the chillies, drain the curd off completely from chillies before spreading them in sheets. I use a spatula with pores for this purpose. In the evening, I put back the chillies in the same plastic bucket, which already has some left-over curd, mix it well using a spatula and again place it as such overnight. Next day morning, I drain off the curd from chillies, spread them in a plastic sheet and dry them under direct sun. I continue the process tip the whole curd is absorbed by chillies. Later I continue drying the chillies for a few more days under hot sun till chillies are fully free of moisture content. When chillies dry perfectly, they produce ‘chill’ sound when you toss them or transfer to a container or anything else.

The chillies remain fresh for more than one year if kept in air-tight containers. Fry them in oil in medium flame only, for use. You can prepare curd chilli with any chilli of your preference. If you use fresh and thick curd for the process, your chillies turn nice. You can also use a pointed knife to draw lines on chillies so that they absorb curd effectively. Also note, the curd should fully immerse the chillies the first day when you place overnight. If so, they turn very nice, and also give a nice aroma of ghee while frying. Use salt as per your preference. Also read a few more methods to make such kondattam dishes, prepared by drying under direct sun.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine, April 1-14, 2018

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