Chocolate Huse Mousse

Ingredients for Chocolate Huse Mousse:

1. Oreo biscuit – 17

2. Melted butter – 50 gm

    Orange skin scrapped – 1 small spoon

For Mousse:

3. Milk – 1 cup

4. Gelatin – 1.5 big spoons

    Water – 2 big spoons

5. White chocolate grated – ½ cup, melted

    Sugar – ½ cup

    Cream cheese – 200 gm

    Vanilla essence – 1 small spoon

6. Whipped cream – ¾ cup

7. Milk chocolate grated – ½ cup

8. Dark chocolate grated – ½ cup

How to prepare Chocolate Huse Mousse?

1. Take each Oreo biscuit, split into two, remove the cream inside it and keep aside.

2. By this process, we get 34 biscuits.

3. Blend biscuits using a mixer. But never finely grind it.

4. Mix it well with ingredients no: 2, and spread on a springform pan.

5. Once done, press it well and place in refrigerator to set it.

6. To prepare Mousse, boil milk first and keep it aside.

7. Soak gelatin in water for 10 minutes, and melt it using double boiling method.

8. Then add it to milk and mix it well.

9. Mix well ingredients no: 5 and add milk mixture to it.

10. Mix it well and add whip cream. Mix the contents slowly.

11. Now divide this Mousse mixture to two equal parts.

12. Take one part and divide it in the ratio 3:1. That means ¾ – ¼ ratio.

13. Pour melted milk chocolate to ¾th part and dark chocolate to 1/4th portion.

14. Take biscuit base from refrigerator.

15. Pour white Mousse mixture on its top as a layer. (Prepared by mixing ingredients no: 5)

16. At the centre portion, pour milk chocolate Mousse and slowly mix using a spoon.

17. Now pour dark chocolate Mousse at its centre.

18. Refrigerate for next four hours to set it.

19. Decorate using grated milk and dark chocolate, and serve chilled.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine July 1-14, 2018

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