6 Important points to keep in note to avoid back pain

Before you complaint about backbone pain, just take a few moments to think. Are we doing justice to our backbone? Backbone problems are mostly related to our life style and bad postures we adopt. Why can’t you show a little mercy to your backbone? There are 6 important things to be avoided to get rid of back pain. If so, you can keep back pain at bay.

1. Sitting posture is most important

1. You give 40% extra pressure to back bone while sitting, comparing with your standing posture. Give support to lower back while you sit. A small cushion can serve this purpose. Your neck should be straight.

2. After every half an hour, walk for a few minutes. Once in every hour, stretch your body parts. When you stretch towards either side, forward and backward directions, it reduces the stress and pressure given to backbone. Read more about good sitting postures.

2. Things to be noted while watching television

1. As per research works, those who spent more than 15 hours in front of television a week, probability of back pain and related problems are three fold. So try to reduce long hours in front of television. Take small breaks often.

2. Your feet should touch the ground, giving support to the bend position of backbone. Never watch television adopting wrong position or lying with one side in sofa set.

3. Never sit long hours before television or computer without much body movement. It reduces blood circulation, and increases the pressure to back bone too.

3. High heel shoes and Flip Flops are real villains

1. While you use high heel sandals, the backside of back bone bends more. That’s why it results in back pain.

2. Strapless flip flops, with grip in the front end only gives extra pressure to feet. As the sandals don’t support feet with enough grip, you need to add extra pressure to feet while walking to avoid slipping.

3. It’s not necessary to completely avoid high heel and flip flop sandals. If you need to use chappals for long walks or long journey, avoid them. Instead choose sandals with low heal and those ones with good grip. They should also give support to feet on either side.

4. What’s the age of your mattress?

It’s always a better decision to change your mattress once in every 5 or 7 years. Read more such interesting facts here. When you change your old mattress, it gives less strain to your back bone. Choose mattress not so soft, yet with strong back support. If you sleep with the head turned to one side, place a pillow in between your legs to avoid back pain in future.

5. Reduce body weight to lesson back pain

Obesity and fat stomach too can also give you back pain as unpleasant gifts. If stomach muscles are loosened, it adds extra pressure to muscles of back side, which results in back pain. Avoid fried and fatty food items to maximum.

6. Back pain due to driving

When both your hands are placed in steering, it adds stiffness to chest muscles. Shoulder bones bend forward slightly. While you are in driver’s seat, check the sitting posture. Adjust the seat to your comfort level if necessary. Sit erect in 90 degree angle while your hands are on steering. It’s the best driving position to avoid back pain. If you are on a long drive, take small breaks. Get out of your car and stand or walk for a while. Also read: White collar neck pain.

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