What is the maximum life span of a mattress and window curtain?

Do you know what the maximum life span of a pillow is? No need to give extra stress to your mind and head. For everything that we use daily, there is a maximum life span. If you use it further it may give health related problems. Just go through these points to know the maximum life span of some of the common household things we use daily.

Pillows – We need to change our pillows once in every year. Do you know that? I am sure most of you are not aware of this simple fact even while buying costly pillows giving 1000 rupees. Oil and moisture from our hair are easily transferred to our pillows and it creates best home for disease germs. Also, those dust particles deposited everyday give us dust allergy too.

Mattress – Now let me say a few words about mattress. Mattress of ancient times will surely disturb your sleep. If it’s possible to change mattress once in every 5 or 6 years it’s the best option. A 10 year old mattress gives more chances for back pain.

Window curtains – Clean window curtains once in every month using warm water and dry under sunlight. Yet dust gets deposited in curtains easily and it’s better to change curtains at least once in every three years.

Rogue and carpets – They should be changed, examing the dust as well as fading of colour. If you find that dust particles are forming layers and it’s not easy to remove them, change your carpets. It’s better not to use them above 5 years.  

Tooth brush – Never use a brush more than three or four months. As we use brush daily its bristles loss the strength easily and after 3-4 months, it may not remove dirt particles easily. Also, bacteria and other microorganisms get deposited in the brush continuously due to regular use.

Anti-bacterial cream – Never keep them for more than one year. Even if the cream is not damaged chemical substances used in its preparation might have gone many changes. So the product might not give good results after one year even if it has not reached the expiry date.

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