Thiruvithamcode exhibits the symbols of heritage

There are many places across Kerala and neighbouring Kanya Kumari district at southern corner which still hold the heritage of glorious days of king’s rule. Remains of many of their temples, churches and mosques still glorify stories of their yesterdays. Let me throw light at one of such places of old Travancore kingdom which is now a part of Kanya Kumari district, Tamil Nadu – Thiruvithamcode.

Thiruvithankod Mahadeva Temple

Thiruvithamkoor got its name from Thiruvithamcode

Travancore is originally called Thiruvithamkoor in Malayalam, and it’s widely believed that capital of Venad kingdom – Travancore got this name from Thiruvithamcode. Currently a part of Kanya Kumari district after the formation of states based on spoken language in 1956, Thiruvithamcode is a part of history of Travancore kingdom.

Located 4 kms away from Padmanabhapuram

Padmanabhapuram was the capital of Travancore kingdom, and Thiruvithamcode is just 4 kms away from king’s capital. To reach this village, one has to travel through Thiruvananthapuram-Nagercoil NH-47 route. Thiruvithamcode is located 2 kms from Azhakiya Mandapam, Thakkala. Take the right turn.

Famous for Siva temple, one of the 12 Shivalaya temples

10th Siva temple of 12 Shivalaya temples during Maha Sivaratri season is located in Thiruvithamcode. A heritage home of that glorious era of king’s rule, this temple exhibits old architecture, and some stories related to the history of Travancore. It’s believed that this temple is preserved since the days of Aay Kings, and presiding deities are Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu. Hari and Haran are installed in two places, and the temple premises have about 3 acres of land.

Arapally installed by Thomassiha

Ara Pally Thiruvithamkode

Arapally, believed to be installed by Thomassiha is also a part of heritage Thiruvithamcode. It’s also known by the name Thomayar Church (Thomayar Palli among localities). Built in Orthodox Syrian style, its construction is entirely different from churches around Thiruvithamcode. The church also received special construction from Travancore kings and hence also known by the name, Arachan Palli. It’s also believed that Arapally got its name from Arachan Palli.

Years later when the church was renovated, the whole process was done safeguarding the heritage of the construction. In 2007 December the church was announced as International pilgrim centre, and since then Arapally gained wide attention. Since then, believers visit Arapally irrespective of religious beliefs.

Malik Dinar completes the religious heritage of Thiruvithamcode

Ancient mosque Jama-Ath Valiya Palli, also known as Malik Dinar is also a part of Thiruvithamcode. Malik Dinar is one of the leading Jama-Aths of Kanya Kumari district, and two more Jama-Aths of Thiruvithamcode come under the direct control of Malik Dinar. This old mosque was renovated about 50 years ago. Padikulam (a pond) located within mosque premises is also very famous.

From Thiruvithamcode, Venad’s capital was later shifted to Kalkulam. Kalkulam later came to be known by the name, Padmanabhapuram.

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