Spring Season for Sarees has returned back. Know different saree varieties

The glorious trend of sarees has returned back and youngsters now prefer to wear this traditional attire for celebrations and parties, though they prefer to add a few twists to it. For family get-togethers or cousin’s wedding, youngsters prefer to choose saree as a theme, and sari trend is well accepted by all. Through this column, let me present the new avatars of women’s own sari. All these types of saris are just newly presented old designs, with a fresh look. 

The pride of Kanjeepuram, also known as Kanjeevaram 

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Kanjeepuram remained the most popular and expensive costume of ladies since older generations, and its popularity is never to fade in the generations to come. When Kanjeepuram fascinates young ladies in bright colours and designs, bridal dress for South Indian Hindu marriages can never get another replacement. A Hindu bride looks gorgeous in a traditional Kanjeepuram sari, even if she wears less golden ornaments. Apart from bridal wear, Kanjeepuram sari is a ‘weakness’ of women belonging to all age groups, and still high in demand among the traditional wears.

Trends have changed many times, and many repeated trends have come and gone. Silver with golden border is currently in high demand. That means, both silver and golden colour threads are incorporated in the same sari border design. Multi-colour combination silk saris, just different from normal combinations are also popular. Kanjeepuram sari may cost between 5000 and 3 lakh India rupees.  

Double shaded and multi-shaded magic can be now seen in Kanjeepuram varieties. That mean, by seeing the sari body, it’s not possible to determine which colour it actually is. Such double shaded combinations are very often experimented with pink and orange shades and sometimes more colours are also incorporated. Saris which give a vintage feel of ‘Old is gold’ have also succeeded to find requests among saree fashion trends in the recent times. That’s the reason why youngsters may choose old silk saris of their mothers or grandmothers with pleasant camphor smell, and use them as party wears.

Designer saree

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Those who love to experiment with different designers and colour shades, designer sarees could be the right choice. The trend of bright colours and heavy bead works has gone. Instead high expensive Banaras, tussar, georgette and linen sarees with handwork have joined latest designer trends. Traditional butas of embroidery woven in saris have also reached wardrobe of sari lovers. Super changes in blouses in the recent times have played a magnificent role in popularizing sarees among youngsters.

Brocade fashion has most recently re-entered blouse fashion. Cotton brocade and georgette brocade are chosen most by youngsters.

Linen in Dull Colour

Linen has showed its presence since early days. Yet in the recent times, linen has witnessed makeovers. Earlier dullness of linen saris was not popular among sari lovers. But currently the same dull colour has changed as the biggest plus point of this dress variety. Brown, olive, grey and black shades with super prints have dominated textile industry in the recent times. Different shades of grey and dusky shades such as pista, pink and peach have totally changed the colour trends in the recent times.

Tussar silk, Linen Silk and Dupion Silk are preferred by all. Digital print sarees, block print sarees etc are a few more varieties which need mention here. Embroidery saree trends have also returned back. Hand embroidery in silk sarees is mostly preferred by teenagers. Dull jerry without brightness and antique copper jerry etc are a few more.

Feather silk

Thick borders and heavy sarees have been replaced by most convenient and comfortable silk saris in the recent times. They can be maintained easily and own an elegant look, and less expensive too. Animal motifs in silk which include elephants and horses are currently trending. Different colour combinations and the experiments in shades are also accepted by youngsters. Yet fully traditionally woven silk saris own a trademark value. Varnajaalam technique is used in saris, and known by that name too.

Cute cotton

Chanderi Cotton Silk Saree Image source: Shopclues.com

For casualwear or celebrations, cotton saree owns its own value. Negamam cotton, Chanderi cotton etc are now trending. Experiments are being carried out in floral designs, geometric and graphical too. In Negamam cotton, silk border is also used. Price range of cotton sarees fall in the range of 750-7000 Indian rupees. Chanderi cotton sarees woven in handloom and power loom are available in the market with price range, 300-4000 Indian rupees.

Thin saris with elegant look – Jute saree suits ladies of any age group. Era and Mukha varieties are most common. Earlier plain with border jute saris were most common, and temple and corway designs were later incorporated.

Weight-less saree

Weight-less jemaiwar sarees – is one of the latest experiments with sarees, which incorporates modern weaving technology. Light weight traditional work in Varanasi sarees gives reminiscences of ancient days. Thread work sarees with pastel shades too have demand in present market. Green, grey, rose-pink etc are some of the very common colours in silk sarees.

A few saree fashion tips

Trends may change very often. Yet saree fashion prevails always. Fashion is just like a cycle, and an old-fashioned trend definitely returns back. So never throw away your expensive costumes and matching accessories, if they are long-lasting. With suitable modifications too, we can change our costumes to latest trends. Blouse sleeve trends keep changing always. It’s possible to rework on sleeves only and give a new look to old blouses. If so we can use them for long time.

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