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A few days back, I posted an article on natural food items can give you daily energy in a healthy way. Here is the link. Yes, they are some of the healthy food items to get sound health. Through this column, I shall extend that discussion and give you a list of refreshment giving food items. They are interlinked with daily energy giving food items. Yet they are bit different, and I would like to present them as a separate list.

Sometimes due to mood swings, we may feel gloomy or depressed without any solid reasons. Tension, mood-off, mood out, mood swing – we may try to find different reasons to avoid our friend when he calls for a party or outing. Depression can also be a reason. Mental health is equally important as physical health. Isn’t it?

Is it not a good idea to bring positiveness and positive thoughts to mind by including certain food items in our daily list? And here I suggest a few.

1. Breakfast is also known as ‘Brain Food’. After a long sleep, both body and mind need some vibrant and energetic food in the morning to carry a whole day smoothly. Our mind wakes up and brain works perfectly only if it gets a healthy breakfast. In short, breakfast provides energy to your mind, providing you a full day of positiveness and it keeps dullness at bay.

2. Give importance to whole grain diet. You can also include pulses, legumes, oats etc. They produce energy only slowly, which is well shown in blood sugar level also. Blood sugar level increases only slowly if you take such healthy food items. Sudden fluctuation in sugar level can also lead to mood swing.

3. If you are mood out, take a cup of tea or coffee. It refreshes your mind because of the presence of caffeine. Tea is preferable than coffee, as it contains an amino acid named L-theanine, which blocks mood swings. This amino acid is also present in green tea. Sudden change of emotions, sudden mood off etc belong to mood swings.

4. To increase concentration in kids, food with Omega-3 Fatty acid is recommended. It also serves as mood stabilizers in adults. Almond, olive oil and fish items like mackerel and sardine are abundant in Omega-3 Fatty acids.

5. For mental health, take Vitamin-B rich food. B9 is most significant one. Leafy vegetables, beans varieties, sprouted pulses etc have the power to reduce the chances of depression.

6. Deficiency of VitaminB6 (Pyridoxine) is common in people suffering from depression. This vitamin plays an important role in brain refreshment and defense mechanism. Make a habit to eat leafy vegetables, orange, cabbage, guava etc.

7. Thyroid gland is the master mood regulator of a human body and for its proper functioning, iodine is very essential. Use iodized salt for preparing dishes. You can also include sea food in your diet as iodine supplement. B12 Vitamin is found in abundant in shell fish types, which supplies energy to brain cells.

8. Serotonin which acts as the neuro transmitter (which controls human mind) has Tryptophan as one of the essential factors. It’s found in high quantity in meat food, and in small quantity in soya, cashews and nuts, dry fruits etc.

9. Drink water in plenty, because dehydration of human body and tiredness can also lead to getting bored.

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