Massage at home – A few simple methods

Body pain, tiredness, a feel of loss of energy, a depressed feel of mind – what can be done to get positive energy? Massage is one of the best methods to bring back cheer and energy. Massage is the best medicine for tiredness too. You need not go to beauty parlour, and spend huge amounts for body massage. Instead you can do it at home. Here are a few methods.

Foot Massage

You can use different fruit creams and fruit packs to massage your feet. Massaging your sole and inner side of feet can stimulate the whole body parts. Use a combo of well-ripen papaya, glycerine and lemon juice for fruit for foot massage to get good results. It keeps your feet soft.

If you are a person who suffers from frequent pain and swelling of feet, dip your feet in warm water for half an hour. Add a little rock salt and lemon juice to warm water too. After that, slowly massage your feet in upward strokes. You will feel relieved.

Hand Massage

Hand massage is a good solution to dry skin, frequent pain and fatty hands. Massage using grapefruit oil is a quick remedy to melt the fat of hands. If you do it on a regular basis for 5-10 minutes every day, this massage gives better results. Those with dry skin can use almond or olive oil for massage just before bathing. Just apply half hour before bath to get soft hands. It’s also a quick remedy to crack skin and scaling of skin, most common in people with dry skin.

Shoulder Massage

It’s one of the major problems faced by those who sit in office or before computers for long hours. Take equal amount of wintergreen oil and eucalyptus oil, mix well and massage your shoulders for 10-20 minutes. It’s a quick remedy to shoulder pain. Using thumb you can make circular motions on shoulders, on the backside of neck.

Face and Neck Massage

Massage is one of the best methods to increase beauty and to achieve a glowing skin. Face massage is a good method to remove dust deposits, white heads and black heads on face. You can massage at home using simple packs. While massages, take care to use upward strokes in circular motion.

Massage is a good remedy to black marks and color change of neck. You can massage your neck using oil just before you go to bath. It increases blood circulation around your neck. If you steam your face and neck before massaging, it gives better results. But take note, steaming is not good for pimpled face, and you should not steam your face for more than 5 minutes.

Massage your scalp

Any finally, a good head massage to get rid of pressure and tensions. It cools and relaxes your mind, and provides good sleep as well. Massaging the scalp increases blood circulation and promotes hair growth. It’s a good habit to massage your hair with oil for 10 minutes before bath. Make oil massage a habit, at least once a week. You can also use hair oils with fragrance for head massage. Those with problems of sinus, breathing problems and frequent cold should avoid head massage.

Everyone is busy in their daily life, giving less care to body and health. Feel relaxed, and choose any massage once a week and see yourself the changes after that.

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