Make your kid sleep without diapers

If bedwetting is a habit for your kid even after he reaches 5, then it’s a serious issue. There may be many physical and psychological reasons behind it. If you closely observe them, you can find the reasons, and if it’s fixed, this bad habit can be erased forever. Diapers are good, but for kids below 3 years. After that he should be treated as a normal kid, and teach him proper bathroom habits after that. Here I suggest a few tips to get rid of bedwetting problem.

1. At a particular stage of sleep, sphincter muscle, which controls the process of urination, may relax a little. That’s why a few kids urinate in bed even when he reaches 5 or 10. Avoid milk and fluid food before he goes to bed.

2. Take him to bathroom just before you make him sleep. Assure that he has urinated fully.

3. If you are able to calculate the estimated time of bedwetting, set an alarm half hour before. Wake up your kid that time and take him to bathroom.

4. Mental pressures, depressions, shocks etc – there are many reasons behind bedwetting. A parent should be able to identify such problems and resolve it. Sometimes counseling is also needed.

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